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  1. woah..ooopss...arrgghh...♥

  2. I can't forget this performance..Thanks for the complete set of photos!! I've been searching it nd i've found it in my home : Diadem!!
  3. Among T-ara , Boram's look is really a high School student >> ♥ Thnks for sharing the pics! JJang!!
  4. Woah! Agree Her short hair make her more prettier than ever..♥
  5. wooh! Yeah! Eunwoo!! im so very in love with that couple!!
  6. OH my!! Kahi and jiyeon in Dream high 2 , Together!? i really like this two like sisters..The cast are so FANTASTIC!!
  7. Have a happy vacation T-ara!! Well it is so good that they say it advance so Fans will not so suprised if one week they are not so active..♥
  8. Woah ..A close-up pic..I have seen some pics of rehearsal in a site but i cannot found it anymore ..They really prepared for this Hwaiting!!
  9. Woah...even in Yayaya they are featured in Jap mags ..Their outfit is better than in korean ver..>>for me
  10. Hwayoung looks like a child in the first pic >> specifically a kindergarten ahaha.. Seem hyomin really enjoy the event♥
  11. Ahh.. ok! I think it will be hard (if there is any chance ) to that to adjust because T-ara is in the midst of promoting Lovey Dovey..well what a relief!
  12. oohh..thnks for sharing !! Lovey dovey club ver will be super sexy and i really really feel like partying right now
  13. Hyomin's wavy long hair makes me crazy!! Rolypoly musical will be great for Rolypoly had made their mark to music
  14. Wait po! san po b kau nakatira?? :)

  15. sa sm megemall po madalas ang Kpop fest ..ung sa kpop con paiba-iba po ung venue minsan sa PICC minsan malapit sa meralco ave..depende po :)

  16. woah!! Im really looking for this THANK YOU very much!!! diadem is the only site i can trust for hd pics
  17. Hi!! : ) sorry po super late reply ..nakapunta po b kau? kung ndi po meron pa nman po sa feb.

  18. sorry ! super duper late reply ..Hindi ako nakapunta sa kpop con at kpop fest kasi pupunta ako sa hallyu wave sa feb. ahaha..ok lng yan bta ka pa naman eh bsta pag pumunta ka sbhin mo lng.. :)

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      okay lang po hehehe :)

      wow.. buti ka pa mkakapunta ka po sa hallyu wave. . . :( hayy.. hehe

      baka po hanggang pangarap nalang ako na mkapunta sa mga ganyang events. hahaha sige po ^^

  19. oohh...I feel like partying right now! I always love hyomin here..Thnks for the hd photos really appreciate it
  20. In all of the colors i want for T-ara I prefer to color RED.. It always made them sexy >> my fave color is red..teehee
  21. If time can be extended ...I will extend it for Jiyeon!! Omo T-ara Fans should really appreciate T-ara 's hard work!! Jiyeon you can do it!! Hwaiting!!
  22. woah..Hyomin's long wavy hair comes back..Can't wait to see live performance of lovey dovey♥
  23. I know this mag!! Soyeon take a selca during the photoshoot..soo this is the mag DAEBAK!
  24. Shocks...Get well eunjung-ah !! T-ara Fans are worried about you!
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