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  1. Gyebaek is hyomin's drama.. it started months ago ...casts where related to characters from seon deok and ju mong ...Gyebaek is a general of Baekje ..and hyomin as cho young is one of his wife..actually i haven't watch the other episodes because subs are hard to find..♥
  2. Dresses really suits her...Eunjung Hwaiting!! for the drama!!
  3. Soyeon's sexy back near the tracks...i wish they can release more photos..♥
  4. i like the eyes of hyomin here.. is she wearing contact lens ?? Qri woah so beautiful♥
  5. I really love eunjung in hanbok..wish you all the best and success in the drama..♥
  6. Woah..T-ara is so very charitable.. they give their quality time and energy to these unfortunate people..love them..very much!!
  7. HWAYOUNG's long hair i miss it so fast ... Our Palawan underground river is next to Jeju island in the first count..woah JJang!!
  8. oo nga noh..ahaha..well ndi ko p lam specific location eh..naku pero feel ko magbebenta ng cry cry duN ....sna pyagan k♥

  9. thanks for replying! Filipino ka rin ..cool!!!or astig!!!!ahaha where are you in phil?

  10. waahh..im well again!! Today is choreo ver. of cry cry..it is a duo comeback of me and t-ara !

  11. It's Today!! waaah...but i guess i can watch it tomorrow evening..arggh harsh schedules is geeting in the way!♥
  12. True ..it made me and everybody cry..watch it together with the mv it will not stop your tears to shed..waaah♥
  13. the music was great so why not today? ahaha T-ara's voices...waah >> goosebumps..♥
  14. 2 hours sleep? gosh they really work hard for this..I really truly appreciate the video..♥
  15. everything will be so great im sure in their comeback ...gosh can't wait for it!!
  16. ...After the long wait the video was great ahaha..i like the story..♥
  17. my oh my I want complete T-ara members in the posters...I wish i can have some of it..♥
  18. gosh..it is like an action movie ... Im so excited for this.. Go t-ara!!
  19. It's like qri is teaching the kid bo peep..omo woohyun what kind of carrying is that? ahaha
  20. Songwriters are really weird..ahaha but shinsandong weirdness in writing songs make him successful..GREAT!!
  21. If it is true ..ooh LUCKY!! ..I am also busy to my entrance exams..so Jiyeon , hwayoung and me will have hard time in our 1st year in college ..Hwaiting to us!!
  22. Hello! It is nice to see you here in Diadem..

  23. Happy Halloween Dongsaeng!! malapit na k-pop nation sna payagan ka ..umm sa Dec. 28♥

  24. Im tired of being sick ... two weeks without diadem..hard for me to recover fast

  25. Wow..cuteness overload! They really enjoyed the show! ]Thnks for sharing!!
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