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  1. KKS destroyed T-ara when he changed it from 6ara. The members shouldn't have bullied Hwayoung, but if she had never been added then no bullying could have taken place. I believe KKS only made the bullying get worse when he publicly lashed out at those who have been active 3 years or longer (Hwayoung doesn't fit that bill) in the winter. So the members who had treated Hwayoung as an outcast started bullying her more like how if a teacher yells at a class, but excuses the model student that student gets crap from the rest of the class later on. So now KKS had a no-win situation. He can't kick out 5 members of T-ara. He can't have them admit to be being bullies and apologize in public and ask for forgiveness because that would destroy their images (and hurt his $$$). So he sacrificed the victim in this whole thing (Hwayoung)... Problem is it's not working. K-netizens aren't buying it and more importantly entertainment industry people aren't buying it either. The only chance to salvage the situation is to somehow convince Hwayoung to re-join and speak the story he wants her to. Maybe he will pay her off... Maybe he will threaten Hyoyoung since she remains under contract with CCM. Hyomin was always my bias in this group and I am very saddened by what has happened. Before anyone wants to say this is just speculation and the members would never bully anyone... KKS *ADMITTED* they had done it previously. In his interview/statement he tried to compare this situation to the rumors that Jiyeon/Hyomin/Eunjung bullied Qri/Boram/Soyeon when they were added and he said that Jiyeon/Hyomin/Eunjung 'only' bullied them for a couple of days and then they all became BFFs.
  2. Music and variety show PD's and staff where T-ara has appeared have seen how they interact. Staff talks. I'm sure if Hwayoung was acting as badly as what KKS claims, or if the members were bullying Hwayoung then the rumors have spread even before the tweet fest after the Japan concert. The staff on Korean shows are told that they are not supposed to talk about those types of things in public. But if you were a PD and you knew Hwayoung wasn't what KKS just said she was that could warrant this type of statement. Usually tv networks and PD's just immediately go along with and believe what the music CEO's say about a disgruntled member. The fact that someone isn't is kind of shocking.
  3. Honestly I think the people saying the tweets are not insults are being very unrealistic. Hwayoung's reaciton, her sister's reaction and the multiple tweets they made about Hwayoung feeling hurt about them show that the tweets were insults. The fact that CCM then said the T-ara girls who tweeted that to Hwayoung had their twitter accounts hacked is CCM saying "Yes these are insults...but they weren't by the members since their accounts were hacked." So that settles for me whether they were 'jokes' or 'insults'. They were insults. Whether you want to believe someone managed to hack 5 T-ara member accounts and posted all around the same time, that's up to you. So in my opinion this all comes down to whether Hwayoung is at fault or the other T-ara members(excluding Qri who didn't tweet) are at fault. I think there's really only two possible reasons for those tweets to have happened. Reason #1: Hwayoung is at fault and deserves what was said on twitter. Hwayoung really is lazy and doesn't work hard. She joined a top idol group after they worked hard to get to this point and she has just kind of coasted and not worked as hard as the other members feel she could. She immediately put herself out there like she was an original member of T-ara even though she was new. Eunjung took painkillers with a screwed up ankle just to be able to perform on regular Korean music shows for Lovey Dovey and Hwayoung would not do something similar for a lesser injury in order to perform on a very important Japanese concert. The members finally hit their max frustration levels and attacked her on twitter for that reason. Reason #2: Hwayoung isn't at fault and has been bullied by the other members. T-ara did not want a new member and has never accepted Hwayoung. She has been ostracized and bullied since joining the group and feels more comfortable with other trainees or members in other groups because T-ara hasn't made her feel welcome. T-ara already had a 3:3 split (Hyomin/Jiyeon/Eunjung and Soyeon/Qri/Boram) and so she was never able to fit into either group. Hwayoung got hurt and couldn't perform and the members saw it as a chance to once again attack her and make her look bad and maybe even get her kicked out of the group by making her look unprofesional. Personally I think it is more #2 than #1. I think the members didn't like Hwayoung being added to the group and I think they resented Kim Kwang Soo for adding her (and now more members to T-ara and calling the original members 'lazy'). I think this twitter attack against Hwa Young was more of an attack against Kim Kwang Soo sort of like "See? You called us lazy and told us we didn't work hard enough and you keep adding members because of it. Well one of these members didn't even perform at our Japanese concert because she's 'hurt' while we have had members take painkillers to perform hurt."
  4. Considering the girl grew in the US and is fluent in English I feel bad if she is reading any of this or other English sites. I don't have anything against her, although I don't really like the idea of member additions to begin with. But I really feel strongly that a 14 year old girl is too young to join a group like T-ara. Maybe if it was a new group debuting with a 'cute image' who doesn't do anything sexy...but look at how T-ara has dressed/promoted. I wouldn't feel comfortable watching a 14 year old perform the choreography that they use and I don't think they should have to change their image/style to fit one member.
  5. I just watched a fancam from a lovey-dovey performance where Sooyeon came out and sang on the side while leaning on a crutch. I don't get why T-ara would add members. They already have 9 members. Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Soyeon, Qri, Boram, Hwayoung, IV Drip, Crutches.
  6. This guy is such a classless joke. I wouldnt' be shocked if Hwayoung's sister is added and 5dolls is scrapped because they've been fail. So has all of co-ed and the male sub-unit as well. I just really don't understand why he's doing this now to T-ara. T-ara has been *GROWING* in popularity over the past year. If the group was stagnant or declining in popularity I could maybe understand it, but it hasn't been. I think T-ara is probably right the #2 or #3 most popular girl group in Korea 'widespread'. By that mean I across the board from 10 to 50 years old. Their digital sales have been very good, they've had multiple hit songs that have charted for long periods of time. It's like instead of being rewarded he just continues to abuse and punish these poor girls.
  7. So bummed out about Heroes. All my favorite variety shows keep getting canceled. KBS cancels IY so no more Hyomin now SBS cancels Heroes so no more Jiyeon Hoping someone from T-ara is on We Got Married.
  8. I'm not sure why you wouldn't have the twins performing together.... Only reason I can think of is that it would lead to more direct comparisons between the two and they don't want either twin to go through that... Still should be some fun and interesting stages. Too bad EJ couldn't get some time off after Dream High ending though. They just filmed the last episode last week and now this week she's performing with 5dolls and likely her, Hyomin, and Jiyeon had to go through some lengthy training to get up to speed on 5dolls choreography.
  9. Wowsers... I think my eyes did that cartoon thing where they pop out your socket and then you have to push them back in... :faints:
  10. Haha true that. Not to mention she showed off some hidden b-girl skillz. I think she even shocked herself lol.
  11. I think she looks cuter without the eye-liner, but sexier with her... The eye-liner fits her T-ara image when performing, but I think the more natural faced Jiyeon better. I think it makes her look more her age.
  12. Why the heck wouldn't she have had a boyfriend? She's a cute girl and she debuted late. The idol singers who probably haven't had real boyfriends are those who are training in an agency from like the age of 12 and told they're not allowed to and even those probably have 'secret' boyfriends. It doesn't/shouldn't change how fans react to them. Too many fans want their idols to live their lives in a glass prison were they can see everything they do and not want them to actually have a real life...
  13. I tend to prefer cute to overly sexy, but those pics are really hot. A very different kind of image presented by EJ here, but not a surprise she can pull it off considering how she's playing different roles so well in dramas.
  14. Yea. I hope Hyomin is able to ignore the crazy fangirls harassing her and continue to just be herself. It must be harder for her than some idols since she is so involved with the Internet and online stuff that she sees a lot more things written to her or about her than maybe some other idols who don't get as involved.
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