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  1. Hyomin truly IS a beautiful girl! She has awesome vocals too. I cannot wait to hear the new song! It's gonna be JJANG! Keep on fighting T-ara!
  2. I love the new update of the forum!

  3. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! Congratulations T-ara! I hope that this is going to turn out the very best! T-ara Fighting!!! ^^
  4. That must suck for them I guess... BUt it's not really their fault that their outfits are like that. BLAME THE OUTFIT DESIGNER! AND WARDROBE PEOPLE. T-ARA IS INNOCENT.
  5. What the.... REALLY NOW. They did a parody without mentioning T-ARA?! And plus they're using T-ARA's song, how can they not mention them. This is a complete total piece of nonsense, right here. This is so wow, and they're getting recognition for 'their' new song? Really now? Really... I feel sorry for our T-ara, they don't get enough credit for their doing. I feel really sorry.
  6. HONESTLY, I don't think they look alike at all. The headbands look great on both of them though! I love the drama My Princess too. xD
  7. Yaaay, I like the fact that they're such a diverse group that can actually do many other things! I love T-ara! Keep fighting on girls! And thanks for sharing~
  8. I don't get this. How and in any way is Jiyeon bringing down T-ara's reputation? She's just tired, gosh, give the girl a break. She isn't even an adult yet. Damn, these netizens need to get a life.
  9. Yaaaay~ T-ara met with the senators?! LOL, well, Dream Girls is a really good show and I hope T-ARA can be the next designers. ^^
  10. I love Soyeon's new hair! She looks really cute with her new bangs. She looks good in leopard print too! I like her obsession~ xD
  11. Jiyeon's so pretty in this concert! WELL, she's always pretty! Hope Eunjung gets better...
  12. What show is this?! I want to watch it. D; They're going to cook?! That's so cool. xD
  13. Eunjung's really pretty in Dream High! The guy that is a dancer in the drama, honestly, he scares me. xD EUNJUNG HWAITINGGGG~
  14. I love Soyeon's new hair! I'm also glad that Eunjung's back! They're goodbye stages are almost here soon, D;
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