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  1. So Eunjung is really confirmed for "Five Fingers"? Woott~ I feel so happy.
  2. can't wait to see the movie. and wow han eunjung is there too.
  3. hi have a nice day!!! add me as a friend!!!plsss?

  4. i'm just silently waiting for a new drama casting her. i miss her acting.
  5. no she's only discussing with the other MCs/presenters.
  6. omg she rejected offers from We Got Married :\ Kim Kwangsoo is the most awesome CEO everr.
  7. omg this is so sad. and she also has to film dream high with that ankle. lol wow eunjung is so nice.
  8. i've gotta download this episode! thanks for sharing (:
  9. She's such a great actress. Loving this drama already. Just pisses me off how Hyemi called Bekhee worthless. Dream High fighting (:
  10. omg its good to see jiyeon smile like that again. she seemed so depressed lately because of her busy schedule.
  11. Taecyeon and Eunjung. I adore them! But the link to see the rest of the images, doesn't seem to be working.
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