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  1. t-ara girls are looking soo gorgoeus!! They're all in tip top shape!!!
  2. the girls look a bit tired but they still look soo good with no make up!! love eunjung's hair color!
  3. boram's shoe is clearly too big for her!! she's soo tiny!!!
  4. the girls are soo pretty! Paris or not! the first pic is like a staircase.
  5. endorsement?? just noticed in this week's wgm eunjung was also drinking vitamin water!
  6. Eager beaver may not be a good thing. She should practice more and keep humble.
  7. i CANNOT WAIT AT ALL!!! EUNJUNG definintely has some variety skills!
  8. They dont live in dorms anymore??? I somehow think this may be better for the group actually. Since they are with each other already for most of the time its nice to have some alone time.
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