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  1. People have been saying that she was dumb to carry so much money with her. But for one, it's for all the member's including the new group so 30k isn't really extravagant if you consider it's for like at least 14 people. And I guess this amount was meant for the whole trip so that's why it's a lot. Although there might have been a rule not to let the other girls keep their own money so that they won't spend when it isn't the time to do so. It's unfortunate though. And it seems that it might have been a planned robbery since the robber knows exactly who to rob of all the people. If not, it's really just unlucky.
  2. Of course it had to be Eunjung both love pictures and cameras very much!
  3. How could they even call the girls prideful and lazy. It's just a bunch of excuses ruining not only for the fans, but I'm pretty sure for the girls as well.
  4. Everything is fine except for the change in members. That's the last thing you want!
  5. It's like finally they have their break and a well deserved one in fact!
  6. Wow that's nice of the fans to actually be able to watch them up close without any major interference
  7. Qri looking absolutely gorgeous as usual and it seems that Hwayoung still retained her feminine looks even with short hair
  8. Whoa this is something new for CCM is it? Can't remember the last time they sued for illegal distribution
  9. On one hand you feel happy for them because they can have more time to rest, on the other, you'll missing them on screen badly!
  10. It's about time they had their own concert but as usual, the concern of them not having enough rest goes on...
  11. Signatures plus their jap yayaya pictures = These are to die for!
  12. Hurhur, they seem so interested in that flag there. And Sunbyung couple shot here as well eh
  13. I love Hwayoung's sense of style here. Blending perfectly well with Paris's style!
  14. This was the awkward kiss that they mentioned? But I thought Xinbo was sweet to Hyomin!
  15. It's disheartening to see Eunjung on the cast whenever she has to travel..
  16. Yep! She tweeted about the food support and glad that it's able to fill her!
  17. Even in a casual shot like this, the girls are in their usual formation!
  18. Can see that Eunjung is still with the cast but she still looks gorgeous as ever here!
  19. Wow it's pretty weird to see Eunjung suddenly being shorter than Hyomin and Jiyeon without the heels
  20. The MV was great especially the lips one. Ok that was hilarious. Ngl.
  21. The MV was good though I wondered if she edited the lips version as well. Haha
  22. It's definitely one of CCM's better remix but I guess they should take things slowly
  23. Wow a beautiful article that gives a much needed insight into the girls!
  24. Those reporters have nothing else to pick on? People won't greet in other languages for no reason ya know
  25. Looks like they are really enjoying themselves. And Hwayoung's style totally suits Paris!
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