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  1. i guess its our eunjung unnies. hehehe
  2. this is soooo touching.. no matter what happen, T-ara will always be the number 1 in my heart. I starts liking korean idol starting from them. Even now, i do not have any passion in kpop world anymore BUT i will always stick with T-ara..Hwaiting unnies..! u guys may not get the first in chart, but u guys are the num 1 in our (Queens) heart.. >3<
  3. Jiyeon-Ahreum-EunJung-Hyomin .... love T-ara N4!!!!! T-ara DAEBAK!!!! mind ur own bussiness! heee
  4. Aigooo... they are all so cute. ahaha. i'm watching the drama and its the best..! haha
  5. In my opinion. the netizen just don't have anything to do. they just playing drama to make our unnies feel more difficult..
  6. good bye...next tym unnies comeback surely DAEBAK!! T-ara hwaiting!!!!
  7. AHhhhh..just wish I was there..... T-ara unnie hwaiting! M-Queen's de best..haha..
  8. I've seen the video..Its not so bad but still the audience really do not have a great manner ..If I were them , I will SHUT UP bcoz I don't like it..but thank god I still have faith in T-ara unnies! T-ara HwaiTing ..Queen's around the world still supporting you guy!! be strong!!! <3
  9. DaeBak T-ara UNNIES!! HATERS, u guys just LOST!!! WE ARE QUEEN!!
  10. huh..its a relief to know that our HY unnie finally wrote something...I hope miracle happen tomorrow.
  12. seriously ...! They are so mean to her...... This is not fair. Now I think HY and KKS is the cause of all problems. I'm so sorry but..now I really hate them both..especially HY. She should speak out the truth. For me T-ara innocent. KKS action is causing their sustenance lost.. poor Eunjung unnie..she must really in shock.
  13. this is not even fair....that 19 person is just ridiculous...! omg...come on kks its not like that bad...DBD is just hit bcoz of the rap part i guess...huh...gosh...if i am the one in that group i rather leave than staying..
  14. SPM!!! ~~~ y must this yr also!!! *sobs* T-ara! lucky for those who can come~ my home are so far from that place~
  15. wah,,,what is soyeon make??? its look yummy doe..haha
  16. see what she got then we judge......for now words are useless guys... as old saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover~
  17. I am looking forward to that ! haha..finally some good news to me! come . start the countdown now!! hehe
  18. not really in mood.

  19. They started with 5 then minus 2 plus 3 then plus 1 and future??? hurmm...I felt down hearted about this..originally T-ara started with their great vocal..not by their appearance! but what ever....I'll still support them as long as they are all together...new or old. T-ara FIGHTING.
  20. THEY ARE INSANE!!!! COME ON...SERIOUSLY...NOT THAT I'M protest...!just that 7 members is enough and they like never highlight all of them in a PROPER way! seriously~~~!!!!!!! is he really their CEO??? he's so mean !! (in my view) ='( ENOUGH WITH 7..DON'T ADD UP ANYMORE(like they want to hear us!)..poor them...T-aRa 7 Forever
  21. they are unique and also SPECIAL!! make me more and more love addict to them,,haha! T-ara Hwaiting!!! U go girls!
  22. arh....cute la..haha..love them so much..cant wait for the Japanese vers out!
  23. can anyone give me a link to this part show??? want to watch it so much!
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