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  1. thanks so much for sharing them!!! i like their outfits here... Jiyeon is sooo pretty !
  2. Thanks for such nice quality scans of the photo book!! ^-^ Aw, Qri and Soyeon look so cute :3
  3. THAT AMOUNT OF VITAMIN WATER!!!! Cant help it but...guess they need all the vitamins given the comebacks! hope to see more performances..
  4. OMG!! Jiyeon's angry face!! Jiyeon is cute even when she's angry xD
  5. they look so sexy love..LoL... Alll the pictures are so cute! Miss their performance so much ..
  6. Wow so good quality! thank you for sharing the whole thing!
  7. Once again, unprofessional and shameful behaviour from the reporters. Eunjung i know you can withstand those journalist who are asking profound questions. be strong and FIGHTING!!
  8. Good to hear that she's still resting. get well soon! We miss seeing you on tv! continue filming in her condition would be reckless and asking to have more problems arise.
  9. Looks tired, and smile looked a little forced. But she is still so pretty. Fighting!
  10. i love how comfortable sunny looks resting her head on hyomin's shoulder and with her arms around hyomin's waist. i really miss the Sunny-Hyomin couple. it is sad to see them saying good bye in this show...
  11. aaah im excited for it to come out the SNSD one was interesting they look more complete wen all six of theme are together hope it turns out to be as good
  12. her hairstyle makes her look like a boy.... i like the last 2 pics.. Thanks for sharing!!
  13. eunjung new hair style look boyish!! i like the first pic...!!
  14. wow, so many photos... She's definitely having fun...!!! thanks for sharing those pictures!!!
  15. i love the IY show.. and they look so great in uniforms.. Hyomin has very good skills now so it kinda balances out like the original G7... anyway...thanks for sharing!!!
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