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  1. I would rather have them stay focus on the Korean market, rather then splitting up their focus towards Japan at the same time. If T-ara was just a regular singing group, then yea, focusing on Japan would make sense, but they, as the company says, are marketed towards an all round entertainment group. Adding Japan to the mix is just too much for the girls also.
  2. jan 4th..thats today I am going to try and see if I can watch it. I am curious about her explanations also
  3. cant wait to watch Dream High AFter finishing COffee House, I cant get enough of Eunjeong
  4. cant wait for the drama. I finished watching Coffee House and Eunjeong was awesome in it.
  5. Not smiling is better then forcing a smile out if she was unwilling or unable. Something in her life might have gone wrong, or something bad happened to somebody she cared about. People saying she shouldved smiled while performing is just thinking about their own needs from Jiyeon, and not thinking about her and why she is not smiling. If Jiyeon is smiling of her own will during the festival, thats just even better For a cheerful girl like Jiyeon to not smile previously should make it known that something was troubling her. This reminds me of Byul and her early career for some reason.
  6. well that sucks >_< I hope Eunjeong gets better!!!
  7. I agree, Hwayoung is far from being chubby lol If anything, she needs to eat more, atleast more protein pack foods. T-ara schedule is just hectic. Not having supplements to sustain the body during a hectic schedule is just as bad as having not enough sleep.
  8. even the photo is incredible!!! Jiyeon always shows off that incredible girl aura. Its like she wants to take challenges.
  9. wow thats awesome Two of my favorite girl groups together Hyomin+Zinger
  10. Qri looks like a flight attendant haha She looks so thin seeing from the side lol My thighs (25inches) are bigger then her waist it looks like
  11. I hope there is a second season. I am guessing that more people watch the show outside of Korea then the natives lol. The show did change when the three left, but I am a dedicated IY viewer I will watch it till the day I die lol. I first got into kpop beginning of this year, and IY was the show that broaden my view on kpop, the show has a place in my heart.
  12. how come all these idols are having these weird sleeping habit haha There schedules are no joke. With their activities, they need lots of sleep.
  13. I hope they wasnt going to wear what they wore at music bank when it fail dressed regulations there. Those shorts were really short, its as short as a lingerie.
  14. I dont even know if these people are serious with their comparison lol Its a ridiculous comparison. The song grows on you after a couple of repeats
  15. Glad to see T-ara getting some recognition!! I hope next year will be T-ara's year!!
  16. Silent, those are definitely the shorts. Seeing how short the shorts are, I cant blame Music bank. Those shorts are just too risqu
  17. I already put in the order for the album, sucks its going to take almost 2 weeks to arrive haha I love all the songs on the album.
  18. the song is catchy and all, but I dont like it being the title song. but then again, the fast songs are always the title song because its suppose to draw the listeners in to the other songs in the album.
  19. I dont think she has gotten plastic surgery. I mean she looks exactly like she did when she was young. Kim Gura just threw a curveball question at Jiyeon. Anybody would stumble in their sentence when they are being conflicted.
  20. two of those bats is just about Boram height Havent seen much musicals, so I am anticipating this one.
  21. I am in love with the new look ever since I first saw it. Looks great on her
  22. >_< These pictures are too cute of Soyeon She just looks awesome. Pink suits her well
  23. jiyeon looks adorable in the maid outfit. Reminds me of the maid cafe in japan Is she greeting in the last picture?
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