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    Rotary Knight reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.07.31] T-ara to temporarily halt activities   
    "In order to prepare for their follow-up song, they will not engage in any schedules at this time. It's not a suspension of activities, but more that we haven't specifically determined (schedules) yet."
    Like anyone will believe that. T-ara's schedules are likely to be already chosen days, even weeks before the members are notified of them anyway. What a load of bull. I may as well take the words of an inmate of a maximum security psychiatric ward more seriously than whatever CCM is spewing out.
    On the plus side (not to sound like an optimistic clown or something), T-ara gets some urgently-needed rest and refit - and reflect on the situation here while thinking how they should confront the public on their own. I repeat - on their OWN. Not under the eyes and scripting of that poor excuse of a company.
    This reminds me....lot of fans were united to the cause of T-ara getting a serious break....I think we just got what we wished for in a rather odd way. Fate has a weird way of making wishes come true O.o
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    Rotary Knight got a reaction from Grimlock in [12.07.30] T-ara's CEO, "Hwayoung's contract has been terminated"   
    Hwa was my favorite....I am sadden by this news.
    bullying seems rampant in CCM....
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