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  1. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway~ Diadem ftw :3
  2. Old Username: GiovanniPia New Username: GiovanniPia Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/24410-130412-t-ara-reveal-unit-name-t-ara-n4-and-hyomin-teaser-image/?p=409516 Donor: No Join Date: 12 July 2010 Actually my old account is still here, i'm posting this using my original account. only i lost all of my posts and everything :/
  3. Soooo excited for her debut zomg. Seems like it will be super sexy according to this article. How to handle this ;_; Anw, wishing all the best for our baby/woman(?) dino lols! <333
  4. SOOOO CUTEEEE <3<3 They all look so amazing sobs ;____; Thanks for sharing anw
  5. "May 30" on Eunjung's shirt, it's Minnie's bday xD Where's Jiyeon anyway? ._.
  6. Omg so jealous, if only i was there ;_; anyway the pics are great. Thanks so much for sharing~
  7. I'm so excited! Hyomin looks so hawt o_o can't wait for another pics and teaser~~
  8. Oh my gosh she looks totally amazing. Can't wait for more pictures and for their debut!!
  9. Waiting for the HD for new wallpapers xD Everyone's sooo pretty. Thanks fo sharing!!
  10. Feel so sad for our girls.. Cried reading this T__T No matter what i'll forever support T-Ara, eventho without Hwayoung anymore... I'll hope the best for the girls. T-Ara hwaiting
  11. Isn't this picture was revealed long long time ago? ><
  12. omg look how pretty Jiyeon is *0* they all looks amazing tho. Thanks fo sharing~
  13. Seriously. Wtf. No one want that to happen. He should just forget that stupid idea >
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