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  1. i dont want to believe anyone in this world anymore after this incident lol um,anyone except god,t-ara,hwayoung and kks that know the truth. so just believe anyone will be success except kks lol
  2. she would have a reason why she didnt want to appear on music bank. and the insider's statement that hwayoung cried outside their waiting room,why would she cry? kim kwang soo should just disappear instead of hwayoung
  3. its the best choice! Hwayoung fighting! and they did bully her or didn't? other member's career will be ruined like this i dunno whose side i should take and its disappointing that hwayoung is being blamed by that kim kwangsoo how ridiculous asjfhwuifhiodvcn
  4. in this situation its confusing i feel disappointed and scary and heartbreaking when the rumor said they're insulting hwayoung,i dont want to believe it but it seems like it and suddenly the ceo going to make a very big announcement :(
  5. i really wish they have asia tour but its ok,please enjoy the concert K-Queen's T-ara fighting!
  6. ah i really like areum >.< she did her best (for her debut stage) and will continue to do the best right?8-ara fighting~~
  7. Happy Birthday~! I hope you will have an awesome day! ^^ Have fun~!

  8. ur always welcome ^^

  9. MAVIN! he's so adorable! he's so cute when he get angry with Boram kkkk~ he seems really love his hyung! thanks for the pics
  10. happy birthday!!! ^^

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