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  1. Ahww~ That's so sweet of her.I'd say the same thing. So much love for them~ Their comeback is awesome so far (: Keep supporting everyone! They/We can do it!
  2. Oh my.. I am so excited!!! It's been forever!~ The photo looks great. Ah... Getting unpatient already..
  3. Thats cute (: They ll look so tired~ I can see some bags..*sobs* T___T~ Love their hair though!
  4. I figured. The Original 6~ Now... What about Dani Dear? Hmmmphh.. Wow for them, have to wait longer..>__<
  5. They look so ghetto and american.. LOL. Looks like they're having fun! Aaaaah~Excited (: T-ARA N4 GO!~<3
  6. They look so cute~ Adorable how they hold hands. Find it a bit funny seeing them where like their concept, because they're usually cute. Round of a applause for something new (:
  7. Mmmm.. Hope they do fine. Just wish they could of collaborated with a man who has no rumors or bad spazzing going around O__O.. But T-ARA Hwaiting~
  8. This is my opinion and nobody will care but...I THINK THIS... Is dumb. I Believe they should just leave T-ara and stop making Sub-Units like the other groups -__- But is they do this... It better be good. I Miss them all and EVERYONE Needs to be shown in may by then too... lol (:
  9. Excited! Hyomin will do great in this. Looking forward to this Movie thingy (: Hyomin Hwaiting!~
  10. Lol. I thought this was fake news at first but it is real. Haha.... I would've cried too though. They were kinda over reacting. lol
  11. Ahhw most of their favorites were "like the first time" or sexy love or bye bye. Haha and walking in public too. Cute ~
  12. Woooah! Sexy love? Sexy ladies~ haha(: So excited! T-ara hwaiting (:
  13. Wooo!! This is so cool!! haha! ahh.. i wish hwayoung was..there..
  14. LOL. i just watched this.. (: Hyomin is so funny and cute! waiting for the next episode.. hehe
  15. omg.. :_________: This is scary.. I Hope soyeon is alright..... Who ever bumped into this van or w.e... eeessshh...
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