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  1. dani is hanging out with 5dolls alot lately. i hope when she joins t-ara she will do really well
  2. OMG PLEASE LET THIS DATE BE TRUE. iono if i can handle waiting for half a month. t-ara black eyes daebak!
  3. Question: Will Hwayoung be involved with the song? I really hope this song is a ballad or something amazing lol
  4. mc_


    Playmonsters* heh
  5. they are both so pretty and it's not hard to tell them apart if u take a couple mins to study their faces haha. looking forward to Coed's debut and T-ara's 2nd album!! Core Family
  6. i can't wait to see what she can do! i'll still support t-ara
  7. lol jooyeon vs hyomin, both of them are ulzzang's who became singers. i like hyomin more cuz she's more than just a pretty face, she can sing/rap/dance and when she has her drama debut, she can act!
  8. this is awesome news. Now i need to save up money so i can buy the repackage version too
  9. dude, this sucks so much. im really sad, i seriously have nothign to look forward to on those music shows now =( Soyeon please be strong and overcome your sickness. on the bright side, this is a chance for them to get a little bit of rest.
  10. wow this is really good. so cute & pretty, i love it. good job!
  11. WOW they look beautiful! and sexy, oh my. really nice, thanks for uploading!
  12. hahaha this is a really cute survey. BPBP is easier to do than Mister. love both songs
  13. boram has been thru so much ridicule and insults since their debut and it really makes me sad because people just hate her because of her height. or because of her parents. those haters act like they know her personally Stay strong boram<3
  14. this is really amazing. im really proud to be a fan of t-ara. these girls never cease to amaze me
  15. eunjung and hyomin are looking smoking hot here !
  16. they look beautiful in those dresses.
  17. they all look beautiful. wow eunjung & hyomin are so hot! i cantw ait to see the video and their live performances, gonna make me love the song even more
  18. hahah this is so funny, thats alot of toilet paper. i heard they're donating most of it, which is cool.
  19. omg! so pretty. i like the concept, they have tails! so unique i think in the second picture, from left to right it's jiyeon, boram, qri, soyeon, eunjung & hyomin
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