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  1. kay, networking sure gg.

  2. Woke up frantically. Then,think a while, .... pffffft!!!!!,holiday! -.

  3. Have been replaying "Wish You Were Here" ever since lesson ended XD

  4. Freaking wanna kill faci -___-

  5. ♥O♥ T-ara (티아라) CRY CRY (DANCE VER) MUSIC VIDEO http://t.co/vj0mXNYC via @youtube

  6. Wah, feel like stay home sleep, today math...... area under curve = integration!? T^T

  7. I wanna get Kara Calendar 2012 ._. but don't know where to get ._.

  8. Annoyed in da morning, pfft. Can't you stand properly, I don't wanna touch your butt, miss -.-

  9. omfg, is this real or some joke? : http://t.co/QqlFfeOq

  10. My cursors <3 ilovethem heehehe finally got it change .______- http://t.co/qJVs3L1E

  11. lol sia, which part of their body they are trying flaunt? I could also accuse you having plastic body part what. asflkjslajfs

  12. wow, finally came online in msn (Y) <3 you msn XD

  13. wow! wow! wow! math ut so quick in releasing results O_O

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