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  1. I haven't had much inspiration when it comes to writing my T-ara fanfics as of late.  I'm mostly into Mamamoo at the moment.  I will update the fics eventually.  I just don't know when.

  2. I have a lot of ideas but I can't seem to write at the moment.

  3. I had the flu last week >< but I am feeling much better now!

  4. People can never be friends because they're always assumed to be dating. It's insane really.
  5. I need more Minkyul~

  6. Hello everyone! I'm still alive if anyone is wondering. My interest in Kpop in general has slowed a lot. T-ara is still my favorite group though!

  7. I posted a new oneshot under my 'Dirty Little Secrets' collection. Check it out if you're an EunYeon shipper :)

  8. I'm alive, just focused on other things.

  9. Finally updated Masquerade~ About time XD

  10. Had not updated this in a while lol. Well, I think I should start on Chapter 29.

  11. Time to work on chapter 28 :]

  12. Chapter 26 is going to be really long. Working on adding some EunYeon moments :]

  13. Despite knowing what I need to write, writing hasn't been easy. *sigh*

  14. Listening to Duel Jewel~ Jrock where have you been for the past few years?!

  15. Egoist by School Food Punishment....possibly my favorite song ever? It's hard to decide.

  16. I once was writing a fanfic called Day by Day. It had a little EunYeon in it XD And Hyomin was a cheerleader and friends with Hara and Tiffany. I think she flirted with Soyeon at a club. Oh Day by Day, I should make an effort to update you one day.

  17. I have two uncompleted fanfics. I don't know if I should update them. I would have to really get back into SNSD :\

  18. Chapter 25 is done. It didn't turn out how I wanted it to. I'll explain when I post it.

  19. Why did the weekend go by so fast? :[

  20. Happy Birthday Boram!

  21. Five pages written for chapter 25. Still working on the plot for Boram's backstory. Her's and Qri's will be the hardest.

  22. Finally updated Masquerade. Time to work on Chapter 25 and my side stories. Can't forget my one shots either >.<

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