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    Fengxian reacted to red4summer in [IG] Lee Changmin Update feat. Eunjung (04/18)   
    [IG] Lee Changmin Update feat. Eunjung (04/18)

    Credit: Changmin IG + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
    Should be recording for Star King.
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    Fengxian reacted to ily_shannon in [PICS] Eunjung at SBS Starking (04/26) - UPDATED   
    [PICS] Eunjungat SBS Starking (04/26)

    Credit: sbs starking + SBS Now + ily_shannon @ tiaradiadem
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    Fengxian reacted to Uncle fan in [16.02.25] Hyomin shows off her upgraded sexy charms in teaser photos for 2nd album, Sketch   
    As an uncle fan I have to say I'm a little disappointed she is depending so much on the sexy image.  She is a talented performer and I wish she could get the big sales on that alone.  She is more than a sexy girl.  It's sad that this is how she has to get attention to her talent.  She is without a doubt a beautiful and sexy young woman, but she is also much more.
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    Fengxian reacted to klee95 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    I actually made a post about this earlier, so here it is:
    Objectively speaking, I really do think there was bullying going on - I can't say for sure if there was anything physical going on (and I would very much like to think there was none), but bullying doesn't have to be physical. Being ostracized for a long time, feeling alone and unwanted...I personally think that feeling's even worse. Being an outcast for two years is torturous, even if it was just being ignored, and this alone is enough to merit any complaining on Hwayoung's part.
    I'm not going by those stupid gifs and whatnot, like Boram and the umbrella (like wtf is that). But if you seriously just LOOK at all the tweets and look at outside opinions, it becomes fairly obvious something was going on behind the scenes.
    First of all, people are arguing that they seem friendly on variety shows. Well, guess what - it's a variety show. Under no circumstance would T-ara actually show that they're bullying Hwa, unless they really have less brains than a rock. The sheer fact that we can observe 6Ara being less than comfortable/flat out awkward with Hwayoung tells A LOT. If that's the way they are while acting, you can imagine when the camera's not going.
    And if you look at the tweets. Okay, you can argue that Hwayoung was over-exaggerating, that she's being a drama queen. But guess what, it wasn't just her. Hyoyoung tweeted in support of her, rap instructors tweeted in support of her, a SBS PD tweeted in support of her. These people obviously know more about the situation than we do, and they're all rooting for Hwayoung.
    On the other hand, we have Lord KKS telling us there was no bullying going on. Pardon me for assuming this, but none of you liked him before this. I was part of the rather large group saying he was a liar and a creep, and there was maybe one or two people who said otherwise. So why are you all suddenly believing him? It's absolute delusion and hypocrisy to start going with what the man is saying just because he's protecting your precious idols.
    I mean, does he even make any sense? Why would CCM staff members complain about Hwayoung, when everybody else has nothing but praise? And for that matter, why would they complain about Hwayoung specifically when there're six other girls who I refuse to believe simply has so much better manners. I am a Jiyeon-stan, and even I will admit she has some attitude issues sometimes.
    Furthermore, KKS changes his story so often he has little to no credibility. First, their accounts were hacked - then he started explaining it. Now, it's actually all Hwayoung's fault, and he begins mudslinging like an elementary student; what he's saying isn't logical. Hwayoung wasn't popular enough to start acting like a diva without immediately getting kicked out. Also of note is the famous 'throwing crutches' business. Try throwing crutches when you can't stand without them, it doesn't work.
    That being said, I think the 'bullying' is true, though I wish it weren't. Still, I'm going to support T-ara and Hwayoung, and I hope others can do the same.
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    Fengxian reacted to klee95 in [12.07.31] T-ara's agency, "We will take legal action against creators of back-up dancer and trainee posts"   
    Stopped reading there. Cool story bro, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but that is the biggest pile of shi-
    On the other hand, most of these articles are indeed pretty stupid. It's like people just have way too much time on their hands and have to make up stories to make themselves feel better, because they know something we didn't.
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    Fengxian got a reaction from babybooboo in [12.05.30] T-ara's 9th member, 14-year Dani, to join T-ara in December   
    Oh goodness, 14. I mean, she's a cute girl and looks kinda plain in these pictures but I'm sure she'll get a make over. The age is a problem for me though. Way too young imo especially when you have members who are 12 years older than her. I just hope the two new members bring something good to the group because I will like T-ara no matter if they have 7 members or 569 XD
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