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  1. RT @loonatheworld: ? https://t.co/QIP3VR9gId

  2. RT @YiYuan_19950126: #선의 #宣仪 #XUANYI #우주소녀 #WJSN 180517 @WJSN_Cosmic https://t.co/4DLPgcklIR

  3. Picked up my cap and gown ✌✌✌

  4. @DoitDayomi Hello friend

  5. RT @pd101china: PRODUCE 101 CHINA EPISODE ONE OFFICIAL LINK ? https://t.co/iPb694ARB5?

  6. RT @jinsoulpic: loona ot12 practicing is so OMG https://t.co/pUyP9ZxgdX

  7. RT @xuanyivideo: ????? https://t.co/elwoDRbILu

  8. promo https://t.co/bBeJFijEMI

  9. @xuanluda there are bad parts to the city...but that's like anywhere so...

  10. Why is this pic so funny akdnsk https://t.co/tYYVveAAUs

  11. wowow got xuanyi x exy SG card it's fate

  12. queen of sees candies lollipops https://t.co/DodqKXxYja

  13. Happy New Year I love t-ara

  14. RT @cruise3842: 171207 멜로디데이 더유닛 출근 유민 프리뷰 #멜로디데이 #Melodyday #유민 #Yoomin @melodyday225 늦었당...뭐뭐하다가...프리뷰를 지금... https://t.co/tTWC3AST8z

  15. why do I never get a full 95 line v app ?

  16. @xuanluda https://t.co/DlM8wA7lER

  17. Um Sharon at the register almost busted me and my cousin for using my mom's Costco card!

  18. just came back from queen mary's dark harbor um didn't expect so many freaking people on a Thursday night tbh

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