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  1. This is going to be an unpopular opinion but I hope they push it back. Especially after Soyeon's accident. Thankfully she isn't badly hurt but I'm sure it must be traumatic.
  2. Get well Soyeon I wish you a speedy recovery..I hope you get time to rest and heal before you start filming again.
  3. I hope she really desist this time and just rest for a few days. But is up to her, CCM and the PD whatever she does let's support her
  4. Well, at least she's resting. Hopefully she'll be back up and at'em soon!
  5. *sigh* these reporters man -___- its a press conference for the drama, not an interview on if the Bullying scandals were true...
  6. Hyomin, be strong! We will surf though this adversity together! I feel like punching that reporter, but he's doing his job after all....
  7. Omg, I love happy Together, and I can't wait til this airs on KBSWorld, thanks for sharing!
  8. HyoMin's been styling her bangs like that lately, I love it,thanks for sharing!
  9. Jam Eun Jung at work haha, she must be so tired, hope she gets some rest!
  10. Thanks for sharing the caps, yeah i Like the ones witbh her and taec against the wall as well, although I don't like her character much in this drama.
  11. Yeah it was a pity EunJung was filming her drama, but thanks for sharing the caps!
  12. I watched this just then, I thought that brushing their teeth bit in the bath tub was adorable, thanks for sharing the caps.
  13. Thanks for sharing, I'm surprising Jam Eun Jung doesn't look that tired hahaha .
  14. They probably only think that because JiYeon's more relatively known as the face of the group (well to me that's how she is anyway).
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