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  1. It's better to eat more and then exercise more later, than to starve and still having to go through your daily activities. In fact, some of their dance moves are not really easy and as celebs, they definitely have to exercise for fitness, so it will help to neutralize.
  2. Right choice by CEO Kim. With so many Korean girl groups in Japan now, it will make it very competitive for them, especially with their current activities, it will exhaust them even further. So let's wait and strike when the time is right!
  3. Feeling pity for jiyeon, she smiles and people have things to say, she don't smile and people also comment. No wonder the stars are so tired. Hopefully she will keep smiling genuinely as long as she can. Her smile is cute.
  4. I seriously hope she gets more rest. With her solo activities, seems like this time it is really getting to her. Hope she can recover soon and get back to her cheerful ways soon. Will miss the times when she's smiling...
  5. WEAK BODY? I was expecting her to be very fit, since she did mentioned that she would rather do physical activity than to study in dream girls.
  6. why all the wardrobe malfunctions happened to Soyeon? Sad girl, and she almost got teary eyed. They seriously worked so hard, and although we see their performance, and were fantastic, they were working so much harder behind the scenes. got to give it up for them!
  7. Just watched the performance. The best special stage that night. Both groups dance together to each other's songs. Really makes it a whole lot more special. Hope they get together more often, even though they are from different companies.
  8. Can't wait to watch this episode. Their poses are one of the best sections, with their laughter causing poses. I'm definitely going to wait for the subs. Can't wait...
  9. Everyone's commenting on the plastic surgery! HAHA, but it's true that the industry have criteria based on looks, so it's not surprising. Of course, apart from the fact that they look good, their variety skills are not too bad, hyomin is improving, and many a few of them are being casted in shows, this showcase their popularity. I'm not going to get enough of them though...more more more! Time to watch T-ara's performances!
  10. This seems very challenging....but wonder what will they be doing! Hope they can really do well, especially maknae Jiyeon. Maybe she'll surprise us
  11. Love the red nose picture. But hyomin is seriously, cute, with her reindeer actions. MERRY XMAS! (in advance)
  12. Seriously, why do they even care so much about whether the lyrics are a joke or not? Yayaya is not as though it is meant to be a song that tells a story properly. It's meant to be catchy song which can be interpreted to be a story. I still love Yayaya, and it's one of the songs on my playlist when I need upbeat songs for gym. Go T-ara!
  13. Can't understand the need for this rules. Although, it might be due to korean's values, however, this rule is not as if it will teach their youngsters a wrong value, it's just legs.
  14. Glad that there is an explanation, makes the song seems more sensible now. However, with or without the explanation, the song is still quite catchy.
  15. Based on her answers, I don't think that she just admitted to plastic surgery. There's no signs I feel. It may be just the way she answer, but it's up to us to interpret. And I doubt she did plastic surgery.
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