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  1. I hope that they decide for her to rest to get better. Soyeon please rest~! ;~;
  2. I can't wait for their comeback stage~! I absolutely love Don't Leave & Day by Day ~! but Jiyeon isn't going to be there? I heard she got hurt I hope she gets better soon so that she can join them. Jiyeon Hwaiting~! T-ara Hwaiting~!
  3. Yay~! I'm so happy that she's going to act now ^^ I can't wait for the drama to come~! Soyeon Hwaiting~!
  4. Maybe I do say 'Sorry' a little too much ><

  5. wee~ Thanks for the view dongsaeng! lol I just missed saying that to you :D XD

    1. t-aranwaterjewel


      OMG I didn't notice that you commented >< Sorry I don't really check my profile as much ! I'm so sorry unnie >< " but I'm doing fine as you know ^^

      Sorry again ><

  6. Annnnyeongiie~ dongsaeng!

    1. JYP_Rash19


      lol I accidentally pressed enter hehe. Anyway.. How have u been? the others are.. They're.. where are they? hehe I'm kinda active as of now. :D Glad your BACK!! ;D

  7. wait I'm kind of confused by the lovers part... is this like they love each other? um interesting... Anyways I can't wait for the song though cause they have Soyeon + Boram from SeeYa~! I haven't seen Boram for a while now and I miss SeeYa ;~; so I'm happy she's part of this ^^ And because our leader Soyeon is in it too I can't wait! I just know it's going to be a great song Hwaiting~!
  8. aw Eunjung I hope she'll be alright. Who ever stole the money They need to pay back! Anyways it's not your fault Eunjung, you tried your best. Please don't cry anymore. Hopefully everything will be alright. Eunjung Hwaiting~!
  9. So does this mean that T-ara are still going to be acting this year? I hope they will all be successful in what they do~! Acting & singing T-ara Hwaiting~!
  10. I can't wait for her comeback and as well as the songs~! I only listened to some of her songs but they're all really good This will be so great~! Hwaiting~!
  11. Why couldn't they just even out the lines with the songs like by giving Boram, Qri, & Hwayoung more lines? I'm scared because I heard someone say that they're afraid that if the 2 new members will help Soyeon then they just might make Soyeon have even more less lines like they'll sing probably more. I don't know anymore >< I'll still support them no matter what. I don't hate the new members because I don't even know them yet. Hopefully KKS's decisions is right. I hope everything will turn out fine. I hope... T-ara Hwaiting~!
  12. I'm so proud of them To be helping by donating, so nice. They are really great girls, they're so kind princesses Yes becaue they are T-ara's T-ara Hwaiting~!
  13. I don't know what to say... I'll still support T-ara though because of course they are still one of my favorite girl groups... At least he hasn't replaced any members. I'm a little relieved to hear that they are only adding 2 more members. I just hope that what they are doing is right. I'll just try to trust CCM right now, who knows KKS might be right? (I'm just trying ti calm my self down k, sorry everyone ) I hope everything will turn out right. T-ara Hwaiting~!
  14. Wah I can't wait for this. We can watch it on youtube~! I hope they really do get freedom and get to do what they want in Europe when the shootings done. It sounds like so much fun T-ara Hwaiting~!
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