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  1. Maybe I do say 'Sorry' a little too much ><

  2. I hope Jiyeon is alright . Get well soon Jiyeon~!

  3. Happy New Year Everyone~! (sorry it's late ^^")

  4. Sorry for the late reply but Happy New Year~! :)

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      its okay hehe :)

      sorry for my late reply too ^^

      happy new year :D

  5. Wow it's been a long time since I was here ...

  6. Really? Oh well it's ok ^^ I think I only knew you were pinoy to now... Sorry ^^"

  7. Salamat sa add ^^ Sorry sa late reply ha I just went on now. Merry Christmas~!

  8. Thanks for adding me ^^ I hope we will be good friends :)

  9. lol yea we're the same age :D cool~! ^^

  10. Hi there~! thanks for adding me. :) I hope that we will become good friends ^^

  11. Thank you :) (Sorry for the late reply though...)

  12. Thank you :) (Sorry for the late reply though...)

  13. Thanks you :) (Sorry for the late reply though...)

  14. Thank you ^^ (sorry for the late reply...)

  15. Thanks for the greetings :) but I'm sorry for the late reply :( I enjoyed my birthday :D Thanks so much ^^

  16. I miss you too~! X{

    Sorry 4 the late reply.

    I'm okay :)

    Take Care~!

  17. ur welcome ^^

    Thanks for the add :)

  18. ur welcome ^^

    and poor unnie :( so busy X{


  19. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~!

  20. I don't think it's out yet. I didn't see it and if it does go out I'll tell u ^^

  21. oh hi sungmin ^^

    but sorry i gtg now. :(

    bye bye~!

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