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  1. RT @busanpetals: i won’t forget that moment during fly era when a fan shouted “i wasted all my money” to go to got7’s concert making mark l…

  2. RT @dorothysnarker: Bombing a country that's already being savaged by its own regime and whose refugees you've explicitly banned from seeki…

  3. RT @leejnno: The fansites... theyre learning https://t.co/hPZgaGz1kL

  4. this is after my nap btw

  5. RT @unitgwoohee: t-ara really out here on the most expensive vacations while their lawyers are fighting back home we love unbothered queens

  6. i love the rat place even as an adult. there is nowhere else i would rather spend my money. other then the rat plac… https://t.co/uAPvFHkZeL

  7. babymetal > a wall >>>>>> everyone else

  8. RT @OH_mes: GOT7 to guest on Weekly Idol Recording today https://t.co/jZJdAQAKnN https://t.co/yNLMuvakHM

  9. RT @8EOMAT0M: Heres yano singing so beautifully ? https://t.co/gkIvLviPkC

  10. RT @2ndpattern: I love internet jokes about there being a full-time FBI/NSA dude assigned to monitoring each of us but that implies a 1:1 r…

  11. I can not believe you xxxxs didn't trend #BarryAllenIsGoingToJailParty

  12. @curses_bot i like watching reaction videos with horror stories bc i get comforted that there is another dumbass li… https://t.co/DfL8NHKph6

  13. I came to check on the dogs and was TACKLED AHDMSNJABAV

  14. u phake https://t.co/nPmxB3yVLK

  15. RT @7_DCfans: 171215 Siyeon fancafe update #드림캐쳐 https://t.co/K1ITN1iDag

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