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  1. What I hate about KKS is he always said something that supposedly said by the original talker. Can't Hwayoung and others members speak by themselves? because everytime I heard KKS talk, I've got a feeling that he's manipulated the facts.
  2. KKS said he met with Hwa's parents, KKS said Hwa had apologize to him, KKS said other member didn't wanna let Hwa go. Why is everything important, which is supposed to be said by the original talker, all are spoken by KKS? For now I highly doubted everything that KKS and CCM stated.
  3. agreed, I can't believe this news overall, it's really something to see how CCM turned down the contract and then attack Hwayoung with this news. I think they did this because they need to defense themselves
  4. ridiculous reason I think. for me, it justified that KKS defend the core of T-Ara (you-know-who) and blame it to Hwayoung, without even tried to know which side is doing wrong.
  5. For me, the word "BIG" in this news seems more likely to be read as "BAD". nothing good will be announced too sudden. I believe it will be something bad.
  6. "I think she'll be happy after hearing this." somehow after read this sentences I feel this is just like consolation word for Jiyeon, he's married man afterall hehe
  7. please man, I try my best to not curse after read this news. I think we already nows who will be kicked out if there are really some "replacement"
  8. ah... Qri supposed to be take that offer, rare chance for her to shine more that unluckily came from another country. Guess she's more respected in Japanese than in Korean hehe.. And somehow this Lee Haein already captivated me, since Tokyo version teaser and even more when MV released, eventhough she only have small appearance there. Can't wait for her debut group soon...
  9. just wanna ask to anybody who understands Korean: did Soyeon mention Citrine or Diadem on her winning speech?
  10. it will be better if this rumor only stays forever as rumor. Because I have strong feelings that if there is really gonna be new member, someone from 7 current lineup will be out...
  11. so it is now all T-Ara fans around the world officially called "citrine"? maybe someone will confuse and assume it as local fanclub just like 'sweet treasure'
  12. after few days, I got a strong feeling that Jiyeon will be "another version of Yoon Baekhee". You know what I mean
  13. weks sori comment ente baru kebaca sekarang, wkwkwk...

    kalo dimari sering nemunya anak T-Ara IDWS sih bro, jadi penghuni trit Indonesia semua :P

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