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  1. 안녕하세요~

  2. they spend 22 hours to work? if i were them i will sleep in the car, not talking.. omo >< CCM please decrease their schedule TT Yes! T-ara is multi-player group!! ^^ I agree with that.
  3. omo! Japanese fans are really lucky!! >< I want to go there too TT The poster is WOW!! wannt put it on my bedroom wall.. ahaha hope the cafe run successfully.. ;D
  4. ah~ Boram is so cute ^^ Qri is so pretty Jiyeon arrived after the presscon, didn't she?
  5. oh I love SooJung couple so much!! haha.. prefer them to Woojung couple.. just my opinion..
  6. thank you for sharing ^^ lol~ Hyomin! what was she doing? kekeke Soyeon is so adorable and cute!! >< Jiyeon looks very mature with long curly hair,, pretty ^^
  7. OMG Jiyeon looks so mature and beautiful!! ^^ I hope this drama have good rating then can't wait ><
  8. waw~ ^^ new picts plus HD ones! thank you very much for sharing ^^ I prefer this concepts most! they're really beautiful.. Boram is so adorable ><
  9. Aaah~~ >< their schedule is tiring them so much :'( Jiyeon and Eunjung are the busiest now.. I'm really worried anout them.. Jiyeon, get well soon, ne? Hwaiting!
  10. poor Eunjung :'( She has been injured for three times, hasn't she? I need to worry!! Get well soon Eunjung eonni!! >< Hwaiting!
  11. Congratulation, Hyomin !! ^^ Hyomin jjang! I'm really proud of you!! ooow don't cry, eonni T.T the award was special to be given for you! Hyomin hwaiting!
  12. EunMin and Boram are sooo cuteee :3 Hwayoung and Soyeon are so sweet.. ^^ Jiyeon and Qri are so pretty can't wait for the full eps.. thank's for sharing ^^
  13. Did Hyomin wear wig on her hair? So pretty ^^ but I prefer her short hair to promote Cry Cry.. :3 Jiyeon is better with long hair but short hair is not bad too T-ara hwaiting! don't be so tired
  14. They had tried their best ^^ I was a little shocked when Qri slipped O.o Jiyeon,, keep on focus Thank's for sharing
  15. OMG! >< cool screensaver ^^ really love it :3 thank's a lot for sharing it.. ;*
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