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  1. Jaaadde


    Are those Blue Doc Martens?? They're so pretty
  2. lol I was just about to start the 7th episode. Guess I'm dropping HL after the 8th. I really didn't find it all that entertaining to watch anyways... I always anticipated Soyeon's parts, Oh well! We still have "The Thousandth Man" to look forward to guys Hyomin and Soyeon, fighting!!
  3. I really wish I could go back to HK right now... I'd gladly try to find them on the busses and shower them with gifts bahaah. If only school didn't happen D:< Oh well... I'm glad T-ara has so many international fans Thank you Queens for supporting T-ara!!!
  4. I'm really excited for the Inki performance, since it's live! I can't wait to hear the roaring fanchants again
  5. Hyomin and Dani = It must've been kind of sad for Dani to not be in the Sexy Love MV but she still went to support her fellow members I love how she's with EunJiMin... my favourite trio ahaha. I swear Hyomin's getting lots of camera time for this mv... <3 (bias) but then again, it could just be me haha.
  6. I see where you're coming from but I personally do not agree that they will some how reunite. Once the whole bullying issue started lots of netizens already wanted T-ara to disband. And since Hwayoung's contract was terminated, those netizens supported Hwayoung through that time, thus all the hate to the current members of T-ara. If KKS or CCM managed to put Hwayoung back, it will only strike up more rumours on bullying and cause more hate. They will not want her back with T-ara. As much as one would really want them to reunite, it is highly unlikely that it won't cause more chaos than this situation already has. Even if they were to reunite Netizens would not believe it. They would just say "oh, KKS is lying again" and continue to talk about the incidents being questioned.
  7. Having her in it would just speculate rumours of her possibly coming back... Since she isn't with T-ara anymore, so why would they keep photos of her in this pictorial album? It's not that they want her to be forgotten, they just can't have anymore hate from anti's
  8. Ahhh #1 AGAIN Go T-ara!! I can't wait to constantly replay this one too
  9. It wasn't THAT bad compared to the article.. but even I could feel the humiliation and I'm not even up there D: Their facial expressions weren't too happy, which is definitely understandable! I would've been screaming for them! ... Though I probably would've gotten destroyed since everyone's angry at them and whatever.. people need to let this go and just get on with their lives. If anyone else saw their comeback on Inkigayo, you would've seen the massive difference in the audience and how they (T-ara) instantly lit up once they saw how much support Queens gave them )) I LOVE ALL THE QUEENS THAT ARE SUPPORTING T-ARA RIGHT NOW Thank you for staying with T-ara )
  10. I really want this app right now D: Hopefully there'll be other features too besides rotating? I mean.. if I'm gonna pay for it... Nonetheless, still gotta get it ;D
  11. The performance was amazing nonetheless! I was surprised by how loud the fan chants were )) Thank you Queens for supporting T-ara! T-ara fighting
  12. Qri as the next leader? Yes!! Hopefully she'll get more lines in this comeback
  13. So..... After all of the pain and misery T-ara was put through, they are forced to promote vigourously? Wow, I'm excited for their comeback, but I don't want them to be exhausted! ughh CCM, what are you doing?!
  14. And then Allkpop probably translated it with more exaggerated similes.... ugh. I can't wait until their comeback. Thank you Queens for supporting T-ara!! Though hitting a rough patch, T-ara's surely going to rise Supporting them always~
  15. ahhh she is absolutely amazing!! Her character in Haeundae Lovers on the other hand.... aha, anyways, I'm so glad she's spoken about this. It really encourages Queens to stay strong and support T-ara no matter what!!
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