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  1. man this controversy is really frustrating. i love seeing cameos by t-ara. breaks my heart seeing eunjung in that picture </3 thanks for the translation
  2. she is pretty cute and those pics defs show off her innocent image. im still wondering how shes gunna fit if t-ara goes for another sexy image thanks for the translations
  3. i really feel bad for the girls, they work so hard and they definately deserve a good vaccation ! hopefully they give t-ara longer than 10 days
  4. awwww the girls look sooo pretty in those pics its defs different from the korean promotions but obviously they still use the cat costumes. thanks for sharing
  5. pretty much just for summer and then i take off time to study when school season comes haha

  6. awwwws the girls all look like dolls in these pics (: theyre sooo pretty the retro looks is really getting to me, the bright colours and the outfits look really nice on them thanks for sharing (:
  7. the girls look amazing in these photos, i love how colourful it is (: soyeon looks suppppppper cute haha thanks for sharing !
  8. oh wow ccm must really like mini dramas since they did this with 5dolls too mini dramas are pretty interesting tho cause of the whole story line i cant wait ! (: tiara hwaiting thanks for the translations
  9. awwwws soyeons sooo cute, i want an electronic dictionary like hers she looks so much like a kid haha im sure she'll do fine with japanese thanks for the translations !
  10. haha awwwws thats pretty cute, the fan making a doll version of hyomin thats good that she loves it (: the outfit looks amazing im so jealous of people who can make those
  11. i really love jiyeons hair that long haha XD and i the picture of hyomin and jiyeon at the top is really nice of them
  12. lol ahhh okays

    and nice to meet you too :)

    whasts up ?

  13. dammmn i seriously cant wait for this movie eunjung looks soo pretty in those pics i like her with that medium length cut on her i love hows shes doing soo much dramas/movies, more time to see her on screen thanks for sharing
  14. lol i know same here. im on summer break now but i still dont have that much time to go on cause i work now :(

  15. lol sexshi shadow was from IGCBOY and my name is tara wbu?

  16. lol wooow t-ara girls love horror movie/dramas i cant wait for both. i really dont like horror movies but i jus wanna watch eunjung and hyomins acting hyomin is soo cute when she acts thanks for the translations!
  17. Oouuu i love seeing bts pictures from any idol i love qri the most in yayaya cause she looks so much like a doll and her hair looks amazing<3 thanks for sharing
  18. heyy (: long time no chat

    ive been okay, just busy with school. wbu?

    what have you been up to?

  19. oh boy boram was constantly holding her chest, i feel bad for them but they were pretty professional about it (: qri didnt do anything about it so looked like hers was okay (y) t-ara fighting !
  20. haha sooo stressful, i hate it

    i dont even like wht im getting into so im changing it next year

    haha yeah

    oh btw the layout looks supppper cute <3:)

  21. haha awwws icic. and ohhh okay thank you :) i miss you guys ! once im done exams ill probs find time to come back which is probs may

  22. haha ive been good :) wbu ?

    really sorry for not coming online for like months D: i was sooooo busy with work and school. awwws okay thank you :) ive been checking up once every now and then. i miss talking in staff chat haha. i started uni so its been busy but once i get off in like may ill probs find time :)

  23. elly :)

    how have you been ?

  24. haha heyy ! :)

    yea its been a really long time since ive been online and well i guess i got kicked off the team =/ sorry, i was really busy with work during the summer and then im in university now that its been pretty bad with the workload. how have things been ?

  25. thats soooo many contacts! she better have one of those letter searches or else that would be really hard to go through hyomins definately the popular one with all those haha thanks for the trans!
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