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  1. It's been long time I didn't log in to this page….when I first saw the cover photos…I was like "oh oh WHAT is happening to this forum??? or did I go to the wrong forum??" blahhh blah…………………....and it's 04/01 today in Asia...
  2. I hate SBS and PD...they have to apologize for what they have done to Eunjung
  3. Im waiting for Five Fingers because theres Eunjung in that drama....such a wonderful Summer for me !! (I'm gonna watch Soyeon's drama, and Eunjung's)
  4. I almost cry while reading this..... well hope Hwayoung will re-join the group....I will support each member as long as they don't disband.....T-ARA fighting!!!
  5. wow family trip with eunjung's mom and jangwoo's mom.....Cant wait to watch this ep. <3
  6. HannaLloveT-ara


    boramm!!! shee lookss really young!!!!!
  7. Thanks for sharing!!! great performance! great singerrss!!! beautiful and talented girls!!!!!
  8. girls!!!! u guys have been doing greattt!!!! you deserve these awards <3
  9. T-ara never disappoints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for their comeback anymore...!!!! wish today is 17th
  10. actually. i don't use MSN much....only Y!M

  11. Eunjung looks cool!!! love her moreeee
  12. is anyone going to T-ara's concert? I already bought the ticket....<3333333 let's go together if ur going :))

  13. are you planning to go to T-ara performing in SF on Jan 13th?

  14. is there anyone going to the show? Let's go together...!!!! I live in SAn Josee <3<3....
  15. HannaLloveT-ara


    super tomboy Eunjung!!!!
  16. HannaLloveT-ara


    wowow so sweet!!! Hyomin put the jacket on Engjung...oaoaooaoa <33
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