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  1. Qri was so amazing in this video. Oh, and her english is cute.
  2. Dissapointed but not suprised. They will surely lose fans soon including me.
  3. I think saying Qri is beautiful is a cliche already. Nice pics btw.
  4. All of them performed except Eunjung and Jiyeon. Eunjung is injured and Jiyeon is filming DH2 IIANM.
  5. The uploader removed the video. Any other links? I haven't watch the video.
  6. Sounds more like the CCM themselves turn this offer down for some unknown reason. This sounds fishy. Seriously, I don't think she will turn the offer down since she's not as busy as other members. CCM and their xxxxed up management.
  7. No Qri? This list fail. And Seohyun is prettier than Jiyeon? Then I guess this is based on poll since peoples just vote for their idols.
  8. They all looks great but Qri is always the prettiest in Hanbok.
  9. Can't view it. It was blocked. Can someone upload another one.
  10. That's Soyeon with Eunjung right? Why peoples keep saying it's Boram. Boram have a rounder face and we usually see Eunjung with that hairstyle.
  11. Not really. The camera focus on the centre of the stage actually so whoever in the middle will get more facetime. Jiyeon is always in the centre in Roly Poly thus explaining why the video looks Jiyeon-focused.
  12. I saw this posted on another forum and some of them said this is fake. I'm not sure myself though.
  13. Qri is older than Soyeon. Qri is 25 while Soyeon is 24. Qri and Boram is the eldest in T-ara. Anyway, congrats to Soyeon for becoming the leader. The moment which I've been waiting for and in fact everyone. SOYEON IS THE BOSS.
  14. The idiotic editor strikes again! plus they showed Soyeon less eventhough she sang 2/3 of the song.
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