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  1. I still don't know how Seungri twin can get over, looking at Jiyeon long enough to drive.
  2. I can't really blame Soyeon. If I was her i would wanna look at myself.
  3. Looks alot different from the normal one. Why you ask? Cause there zombies!
  4. Jiyeon is better than Eunjung I presume or I hope. i don't really know.
  5. aww... Tiara won and went straight to the subway what determination to win..wish i could of seen fan ride in person
  6. Hyomin and Soyeon are acting awkward towards the people in the back, but other than that interesting outfit for Hyomin and Soyeon to wear
  7. awesome thing if jiyeon and hyomin became sisters (inlaws) but at times, it would be like jiyeon is sick from time to time... LOL
  8. (LOL) This is too funny for me, hearing sounds and etc..
  9. seems like she was in this movie just to give the movie some hype
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