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  1. damn, I really do hate if it going to be abolished. Please don't please don't please don't PLEASE DON'T!! I believe it will have a high rating if it was shown internationally
  2. i'd be glad to to make t-ara wish come true.. if only I could..lol good boyfriend?hmmm can i be one of the candidates?lol just joking
  3. wow, little bit naughty here.. but it does looks good. She looks very different btw.. still, it's hot I think
  4. indeed look the same. wow, she looks cute when she was young. like an innocent girl.. she's a real beauty right now..
  5. hhhhhmmmm, for me, with or without she's still look best. very gorgeous indeed. lover her so.. jiyeon fighting!
  6. I hope they taking a good care of their health. They will get sick easily if they don't have enough sleep and food. I'll pray for their best, T-ara fightiiingg!
  7. actually I haven't known about the brave brothers. I expect this will be great, well I think it will be. Because many people says that the brave brothers are good. I can't wait to hear it. A bit curious right now.. T-ara, fightinggg!!!
  8. wow,, surprising thought that the netizens had. I think differently in this matter. if it wasn't for jiyeon, I wouldn't take part as T-ara fans probably. The first person who brought my eyes to T-ara was Jiyeon. If someone think that she's the one who will make T-ara fall, I completely disagree with them. Jiyeon fightiiinggg!!
  9. hmmm.. same headband, what a coincidence.. anyway, for me Jiyeon looks good on everything. Love You Jiyeon!!
  10. they should have mentioned T-ara for this... from business ethics point of view this was impolite.
  11. wow, I can't believe they will do this. a task to become an intelligence person ey.. quite interesting. I want to see how smart they are,, kind a exited about this.. anw, T-ara fightingg!!
  12. i'm glad she was smiling again.. I hope the debate about her professionalism will end soon, poor her. Jiyeon fighting!!
  13. I think I could understand her situation. Perhaps she was too tired. Normally people should sleep at the very least four hours. However it wasn't suggested for us to do so. if she only sleep 2-3 hours everyday, if it was me maybe i'll behave worser than that. lol it's okay Jiyeon, fightingg!!!
  14. poor eunjung, ligament injury is so stressful you know.. i play football so I know the pain very well. Eunjung fightiiingg!! you can endure it!!!
  15. T-ara fightiiiiinggg!!!! we will always support you no matter what!! eat some healthy food a lot!! lol
  16. Jiyeon incredibly super strong for a girl. I love strong girls because it means that they could protect them self very well.. lol
  17. it's a little bit cruel for them I think. well at least their stylist should prepared something to warm them while they were performing.. if i were there I would trow a blanket at the stage for each of them.lol just kidding
  18. damn I will miss G7 a loooottt!!! i don't want it come to end............. anyway I will remember them forever. T-ara rooocckkss!!!
  19. indeed she will be a great MC.. can't wait to watch her :D
  20. lol..what a silly girl.. but I don't care about it if I was the guy back then, because it was hyomin..lol
  21. wow..Jiyeon looks so elegant on the jiakim photo. she looks like a grown up woman there..lol
  22. I don't believe this rumor.. Jiyeon is still young. I believe she doesn't have behavior like that.. It's just someone who looks like her.. And if the person have the same mole position, it doesn't mean that she's jiyeon right?
  23. woow I can't wait to see the show.. Jiyeon singing MJ, that must be good. I love her voice.. looking forward to it...
  24. wow! surprisingly she looks so mature for 18 years old girl here.. definitely beautiful.. thx for sharing..
  25. whatever she wear, she alway looks cute. especially on this, school uniform just fit her so well.. thx for sharing..
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