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  1. Jiyeon and hwanhee look soo good together (age dont matter lol) she is soo pretty/cute.
  2. ekk omgee son ho jun is going there also!!! uggh why do i have to live soo far from all my kgirlfriends and kboyfriends ): sigh i hope one day i'll get to meet them all :DDD
  3. wah i got scared of that figure behind qri's toothbrush ahahha but damn qri look soo damn fine in her headrobe lol
  4. wow all of them are soo gorgeous!! ugh i want a autograph from them too! sigh i wish i live in korea. i like hyomins necklace, it pops out nicely and it completes hyomins outfit.
  5. they are soo beautiful everytime they perform [: i wish one day i can see them in real life sigh just want to live in korea so that i can go see their concert/performance ):
  6. jiyeon unnie is soo cute and pretty!! fangirl faint lol i wish that she can act again so that i can stare at her everyday on the tv/computer kekeke
  7. i love every concepts they do and this concept really do match them kekeke can't wait for it [: the song feels familiar tho..... i think i heard it before?
  8. i'm happy that they were contender for first place [: i cried also and its nice how the girls think differently and appreciate what is in front of them this is probably why i loved them soo much!!!
  9. The first one!! i like how it has the feel in the 70's and the look just match it all but i would like if they brighten the picture a little bit and makes it a little cleaner also.
  10. follow me on instagram @lauraxiiong

  11. I'm soo happy that they have overcome through a lot and has grown from their previous scandal. I happily cried when they made their pre debut again and restart as new. As reading through this interview, boram unnie seem to talk a lot more than jiyeon now kekeke keep strong t-ara and queens cause we are coming back to snatch them wigs :DDD happy to be queens [:
  12. "Jeon Youngrok debuted in 1871" so is boram's dad 142 years old? lmao jk just a small error lol but WOW i'm excited for boram and her fam to do a cf together [: and i've never seen wooram in bright colors before, soo cute!
  13. eunjung seems to be taller than amber because if amber were to take off her shoes then she'll be shorter an inch lmao
  14. this girl is on fire! lalalala

  15. i like this version too because it brings back good old memory [:
  16. the second pix is hyomin, qri, jiyeon, hwayoung, eunjung, soyeon, and boram~
  17. aww she looks soo pretty [: the first pic looks like she cried or she did
  18. i bet on the last picture hoon was looking for jiyeon lmao jk jk
  19. so happy they made to paris safely :] wonder where is jiyeon unnie
  20. wow t-ara are making alot of good fortune =] wish them with alot this year teehee
  21. i'm going to love these pretty twins :] cant wait til they perform with the boys =]
  22. soo excited for them to come back :] wish them the best
  23. they were awesome but i'm worrying about jiyeon she is not there and she looked sick/tired on the cry cry perf.
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