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  1. I posted this on another site, but I'll just do it again on here : No matter what, I will still be a firm T-ara fan. I hate how fans and those dumb netizens are overeacting and amplifying this issue x100. Remember what happened to U-Kiss ? When kibum and Xander left, Kibum claimed to have been kicked off. This is what it is. KKS kicking off Hwayoung to make room for the new girls. I am completely disappointed in KKS, but T-ara has not been proven to be the ones who were bullying Hwayoung. Sure, there are a few pictures and small video "proofs", but they've done that to each other in the past, too. For example, Jiyeon and Eunjung, who are like, the BFFs of T-ara : on an episode of Hello Baby, Eunjing wouldn't let Jiyeon and Soyeon play with the baby, so the two put a bunch of chili sauce in her food later. Apparently, that's typical behavior to netizens, because no one critisized Jiyeon for that. On the other hand, Eunjung feeding Hwayoung a large rice cake = force feeding, and she was bashed terribly because of that incident. Also, Hwayoung is new to the entertainment industy. She, unlike many other people, never had to train for long. She was picked up from a beauty contest and plopped into T-ara; this immediately creates a few problems : 1. Ignorance ( lol ) : Hwayoung is not yet aware of the harsh conditions idols live under -or the pressure. She can't expect everyone to welcome her with open arms. 2. Discord : In the past, the members have had disagreements with dividing song parts -and now they get a new member ? Who's taking ALL of the rapping parts ? Naturally, I'd be quite upset, too. Hyomin and Eunjung who once shared all of the rapping, were now giving them up to a completely random person. 3. Pressure : Being forced to suddenly live with another person is not easy. The T-ara members were never prepared to accommodate to this, wiphich probably built up a lot of stress and caused them to become an even tighter knit ofmfriends then before, making Hwayoung feel excluded. And I mean seriously, if SNSD got a new member added to them today, I don't think any of the other members would be too happy about it. All in all, even though this is probably the dumbest thing in the world, Hwayoung should rejoin T-ara ( given the chance ) and hopefully mend the issues with everyone else. Why ? Because I am a T-ara FAN and do not want to see the group fall apart. Or better yet, T-ara could all go to some other entertainment industry. Also, stay away from allkpop, guys. The people on there are legally insane. ; )
  2. She does not deserve this, just as the members of T-ara do not deserve all this hate.
  3. If your feelings can be swayed so easily by one statement, then I'm not even sure you loved them in the first place.
  4. No one fully knows what happened yet -Hwayoung and the members of T-ara really grew close in the past months; whatever it was that happened, there most definitely is a reason for it. We just don't get to hear it. Regardless, I have been a huge T-ara fan since the day of their debut and will remain a fan to the end -as for everyone who are saying "good bye" to being a T-ara "fan", looks like you were only supporters of Hwayoung, no matter what way you put it as. True T-ara fans would stand strong with the group and stay with them until the end -I honestly do not believe any member of T-ara could be a bully. Need someone to blame/vent your anger out on? Go take it up with Kim Kwang Soo. He's the one making the decisions.
  5. Ham Eunjung, "My husband Lee Jang Woo - no skinship yet!" Recently in MBC's "We Got Married", T-ara's Eunjung has been fitted with a great husband, handsome and tall Lee Jang Woo. Ham Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo's first meeting was highly anticipated by the audience, with large expectations as the replacements of the popular Jo Kwon - Ga In and Yong Hwa - Seo Hyun couples. With Lee Jang Woo's known playful personality and Ham Eunjung's chic image, views questioned how much skinship could be initiated as interest in this topic surfaced. So far, they've only had minor contact, such as high-fives. When asked about skinship, Ham Eunjung appeared to be shy. "Once, our hands came into contact for about three seconds, but it felt so unnatural, that I asked Lee Jang Woo to let go. I'm normally pretty cool about skinship, but this time, it seemed a bit too early." Ham Eunjung could not seem to hold in her laughter while talking about skinship with Lee Jang woo. It seems as though maried life is quite exciting for the two. But at the same time, when informed that the Khuntoria couple back hugged and the Adam couple even kissed, Eunjung was asked whether she thought that these skinships could ever be performed by her, she exclaimed, "No!" and then added, "Did they really kiss on the lips?" Unable to believe it. Eunjung says, "We've had minor skinship some times. I even started to count how many times we've had them. I never thought to refuse his skinship, but I just don't want to go that fast. Lee Jang Woo is really playful and jokes a lot. I don't think we'll kiss like the Jo Kwon Ga In couple, but we will work our way slowly and naturally. Ham Eunjung, seeing the disappointed looks on the reporter's faces, gave a funny reaction, saying "How could I just initiate skinship, without hesitation?" Ham Eunjung in "We Got Maried" is able to show her feminine and laid-back self throughout the show. She and Lee Jang Woo are able to attract the interest of the audience, as viewer ratings jump. Their 100% sincere personalities will continuously appear in the future of their virtual marriage. *** Source: http://www.t-arafan.com/ Written by: 전원 Translated by: ☆ 원유란
  6. T-ara Jiyeon's "Collarbone-Shoulder Line" is Revealed, declared as "Mature Goddess" On April 2nd, Jiyeon posted on her Twitter account, "룰루랄라~ 쿵쿵(sound effects)!" along with pictures. The Jiyeon in the picture showed her with dark eyeliner and make up gave off an atmosphere similarly to a "Spring Goddess". In particular, her flawless skin and exposed collarbone showed off her beauty, leading to the attention of the public. Photo netizens commented in various reactions, such as "Jiyeon is a collarbone beauty", "Bold exposed skin", and "Jiyeon is completely pretty." *** Source: TV Daily Written by: 이경호 Translated by: ☆ 원유란
  7. They still are, though they didn't include them in the original article, others such as Hwang Jung Eum, Yangpa, and Lee Jin were mentioned, but I summarized it a bit. It's probably because they have them promote in Japan so much, they forget to talk about them in Korean activities >_____<
  8. Kim Kwangsoo to Advance CCM with a new Coffee Chain Business Kim Kwang Soo of Core Contents Media will join hands with their entertainers to create a chain of coffee cafes. According to Kim Kwang Soo, CCM representatives will arrive at Apgujeong-dong, Seoul on July 1st to pay for the opening of the coffee cafe chain. On March 25th, Kim's representatives met with Star News and stated, "The Coffee Chain will be called 'Cafe Page One', in support of the drama 'Coffee House', which T-ara member Eunjung starred successfully in." Coffee House was the drama produced by CCM and aired by SBS last year. Kim Kwang Soo then continued, "Artists in the company will also be expected to participate as shareholders, and we will combine the entertainment industry with our cafe chain." He stressed. Currently, there are many popular singers and actors at CCM such as T-ara, Davichi, Co-Ed, Hong Jin Young, 5dolls, and many more. *** Source: http://www.t-arafan.com/ Written by: - Translated by: ☆ 원유란
  9. oh hahahh! okay. Actually i finished watching it already lol! but i used to watch here! Anyway hwaiting!!

  10. lol xD thanks! hopefully you will see the subs soon! the last episode was really sad though ~

  11. AAH so excited! :DD I was never a huge fan of Co-Ed, but 5dolls is really, and I mean realllyyyyy good (and I'm a very picky person when it comes to good music xD) ~ I can't wait to see them perform together! But just...please change the outfits?? To something that's a bit more flattering? : )) I think they're going a bit too heavy on the "no skin" thing lol
  12. hahahha!! well hwaiting!!! I'll be waiting for the subs!!

  13. lol yes I do~ xD mostly dream high! :))

  14. So you sub diadem videos?? NICE!!

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