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  1. Thank You Girls, We Hope U can Held Concert in Indonesia.. we will waiting for You... Hwaiting T-ara
  2. All Fans are envy to you.. Lolz... i Hope that i'm Lucky like You, can get photo with them.. ahhh... if that's true, maybe i cant stop dreaming
  3. Cute Pic, Hyoomin in Bunny Costume Really Cute. i Wonder, She will acting in horor movie, but Her Selca is Cute ^^
  4. i Hope U Success with Your Acting Hyomin, We're waiting for your role in this drama.. and U must be Succeed like Eunjung and Jiyeon.. Hwaiting Hyomin ^^
  5. Hyomin, You Must watch Your own Healthy.. dont push yourself, take a rest.. i Hope you get well soon
  6. Retro song ?? woaaa... More Love for Retro Song <3 cant wait.. if T-ara Realese news Song or Remake it.. definitly, i will Support them.. T-ara Hwaiting !!
  7. Woaa.. if Hyomin acting is talented as my idol Ha ji won, of course i'll watch it . so Hwaiting Hyomin, for your acting..
  8. i'm curious about MV part 3, it's still same with 2 last part or different.. degeum degeum.. must watch it.. i want see Eunjung again in Ahjumma mode ^^
  9. Wahhh~~ i didnt Watch T-ara Dream girls.. Must Watch it now
  10. Omo omo~~ failed again?? the short is too risky?? Keep HWAITING !!
  11. lol XD.. Bad Habits? But still Eunjong is Cute .. Thx for Translate it
  12. The Performance is good.. I Like it.. Hwaiting 4 T-ara.. cant wait till next Perform again
  13. nah~~ i Think. the question too details.. so she give spontaneous answers
  14. E-tribe is the producers for SNSD " Gee " ? so the lyrics maybe Looks Like Gee But the song is really good
  15. The Dance are So DAEBAK !! Lol.~~ just wanna see it again, again and again..
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