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  1. Thank You Girls, We Hope U can Held Concert in Indonesia.. we will waiting for You... Hwaiting T-ara
  2. All Fans are envy to you.. Lolz... i Hope that i'm Lucky like You, can get photo with them.. ahhh... if that's true, maybe i cant stop dreaming
  3. Cute Pic, Hyoomin in Bunny Costume Really Cute. i Wonder, She will acting in horor movie, but Her Selca is Cute ^^
  4. i Hope U Success with Your Acting Hyomin, We're waiting for your role in this drama.. and U must be Succeed like Eunjung and Jiyeon.. Hwaiting Hyomin ^^
  5. Hyomin, You Must watch Your own Healthy.. dont push yourself, take a rest.. i Hope you get well soon
  6. Retro song ?? woaaa... More Love for Retro Song <3 cant wait.. if T-ara Realese news Song or Remake it.. definitly, i will Support them.. T-ara Hwaiting !!
  7. Woaa.. if Hyomin acting is talented as my idol Ha ji won, of course i'll watch it . so Hwaiting Hyomin, for your acting..
  8. i'm curious about MV part 3, it's still same with 2 last part or different.. degeum degeum.. must watch it.. i want see Eunjung again in Ahjumma mode ^^
  9. Wahhh~~ i didnt Watch T-ara Dream girls.. Must Watch it now
  10. Omo omo~~ failed again?? the short is too risky?? Keep HWAITING !!
  11. lol XD.. Bad Habits? But still Eunjong is Cute .. Thx for Translate it
  12. The Performance is good.. I Like it.. Hwaiting 4 T-ara.. cant wait till next Perform again
  13. nah~~ i Think. the question too details.. so she give spontaneous answers
  14. E-tribe is the producers for SNSD " Gee " ? so the lyrics maybe Looks Like Gee But the song is really good
  15. The Dance are So DAEBAK !! Lol.~~ just wanna see it again, again and again..
  16. hmm.. the short is very risky.. but the performance is Amazing lol Hwaiting !!
  17. Yeah.. i agree too. she didnt look nervous in her first debut stage.. HWAITING for Hwayoung..!!
  18. in KBS music Bank.. They So cute.. in Yayaya Perform, the dance so cute.. nice song and funny lyrics.. aaahH~~ DAEBAK !!
  19. DAEBAK for t-ara.. Conratz for Come Back Stage. just one Word : DAEBAK !! Good Song... XD.. ahh falling in love with they song.. Ya~Ya~Ya~ and di Dkpopnews muzik chart.. they went straight to the top in the voting poll with a huge lead. wow wow Daebak for T-ara Hwaiting T-ara Keep Moving Girls
  20. I love the Mv.. I Love the Song Knock Knock Knock 3 rappers.. Yay...
  21. Woahh~~ they so Kind Hearted. it is a good example for other artists in Korean Hopefully, South Korea and north korea quickly resolve problems
  22. hmm Just my Imagine or true.. T-ara have 3 rapper? awhawha~~ make me happy
  23. nah~ With Ryu Hwayoung or not.. T-ara Still the Best but, If answer like that.. that must be a joke.. Maybe they have another reason too
  24. Yeah.. When i watch Hahamong, it's so sad that she meet with her father for the first time in five years.. the other member also sad, Looks eunny's cry when she read a birthday card for her father..
  25. Yeah... Boram is older than other member.. She Will be fit to be leader.. Hwaiting for Boram !! Hwaiting for t-ara !! Hwaiting for Eunjung
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