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  1. Happy Birthday~! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

  2. I agree. It's not EXACTLY the same, but pretty similar. From the looks of the light sticks, the crown doesn't look to be 3D. But I could be wrong X) But I'm happy they chose yellow! (: I think it suits them very well.
  3. LMAO! How spunky of her. At least she's not embarrassed. Bare minerals BODY. But I totally understand since it's during the warm weather
  4. LOL! That is so weird, awkward, embarrassing, yet cute! Man, that is what I call love How sweet of him! I bet Jiyeon must've felt embarrassed XD
  5. LOL! I bet that must've been awkward. I bet he feels like a lucky guy But seriously, 300 times?! That's so much!
  6. I'm up for Hwayoung joining, I think she looks really cute ;D But I don't like the reason behind it. I want an explanation about the whole leader issue though O__O
  7. I REALLY like Eunjung as the leader. I'm upset that its being changed. Hm, I wonder if Boram is leader material O__O And who was against Eunjung being leader? Or did she step down herself?
  8. Jiyeon's SO adorable! The first pic reminds me of Agnes from Despicable Me (; She's such a doll w/ her big bubbly eyes.
  9. I find the first picture absolutely adorable! Look at Jiyeon pointing to the girls XD It's like they're playing dominoes!
  10. Kind of freaky... yet beautiful at the same time O_o Potential wives for Edward Cullen Bella, beware!
  11. Wah! She looks so adorable! She's like a little doll that's all dressed up and ready for her afternoon tea! ^o^
  12. I can't imagine her in SNSD ><" And I think Soyeon suits T-Ara more. But I'm glad she made that decision and wasn't so caught up in the whole "fame" thing.
  13. Ugh... I miss Eunjung I like Qri & Hyomin's style the most. Probably 'cause of the cute bow & mouse ears. I have a fetish for animal ears >.> They're all mega cute!
  14. Wow! Curry looks fantastic Especially with side pony tails. Hehe, that doggy is cute! <3
  15. Hyomin looks really pretty! She looks like she's enjoying herself I think these pictures were taken in Korean (not positive), because if you zoom in, the words on some store banners look like korean? I could be wrong though!
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