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  1. Bah, because of work i haven't been on this forum a lot. but omg Hyomin as leader! yay, grats to her!
  2. shots, plastic surgeries... who really cares if they did or not? if someone had a plastic surgery, it doesn't change who they are. if any of the girls did shots or plastic surgery, it wouldn't stop me from being a fan. beauty fades as everyone gets older, but personality stays and that's more memorable. just my opinion.
  3. These netizens must be on crack. First, they're complaining about how Jiyeon doesn't smile and now this. This reminds me of the time when Jessica wasn't smiling a lot. I feel sorry for the idols. Though, I see this as a good thing, because when someone becomes popular... haters shows up. Jiyeon hwaiting!
  4. For some reason, I find this cute... nothing humiliating at all. It must be very tiring to be promoting during end of the year special events. They were awesome during Gayo Daejuns tho. I enjoyed the performances. Eunjung hwaiting!
  5. i find it funny that this is consider a scandal. I don't think it's the media who started this rumor. its just a bunch of netizens spreading lies online. then again, so what if shes dating? she's only human. fans just needs to be understanding tho.
  6. no need to wish. 'coz u're actually stalking me o.o lol

  7. you wished i'm stalking you lol

  8. stalker, i love you tho!

  9. Regaining people's trust is a hard thing to do. This news doesn't just affect T-ara Fan Cafes, but other artists' as well. All I can say is, Korean T-ara fans hwaiting!
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