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  1. the leader of T-jinyo is only 15 year old, damn ... those kids have too much free time these days anyway i dont think it's a good idea, since you can't talk any sense into some brats like that, since young kids tend to be really stubborn, especially when he's already had this hatred toward T-ara. but well, hope KKS could do something about him and make him stop this xxxx
  2. better saving up my money now, T-ara is coming back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN YOUR FACE HATERS ;) ;)
  3. and they call themselves fans ???? what a joke :angry: no matter what happens, i'll always support T-ara, that's what it means to be a true QUEEN'S
  4. oh god .... this doesn't feel good, i just hope nothing bad would happen
  5. oh god ... why ? lol this game, these characters are like ... deteriorating their images, idk just look at Soyeon and Hwayoung anyway, Eunjung looks exactly the same, maybe younger a bit
  6. they owned the stage !!!!!!! rabbit dance, moonwalk .... what can't they do ?????? ps: Soyeon !!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub:
  7. really !!!! i wouldn't mind ( not to mention love to) being bitten by zombies like these :wub::wub: please bite me <3<3 P/s : Jiyeon looks really scary here =))
  8. Goddesses !!!!! Goddesses !!!!!! OMG Soyeon and Jiyeon they killed me ^^ what a beautiful death =))))))
  9. Jiyeon looks gorgeous as usual ^^ but Soyeon looks .... wow .... STUNNING omg i think i'm going crazy because of her
  10. Boram, Qri and Soyeon are the elders in T-ara but they look younger than the maknaes Soyeon looks extremely beautiful lately <3<3<3
  11. sleeping Qri first strike =)) i'm looking forward to more of sleepy Qri pics ) ps:they both are so pretty ^^
  12. i swear she should be the maknae =)) she was born 1987 but she looks younger than 93 liners :X:X:X
  13. just as i thought, Core content media just made it up to cover Jiyeon's scandal ( which in fact was just some random kid tried to show off, not our Ji )
  14. and the husband is Lee Jang Woo ^^ now this is where the excitement begins :X:X can't wait 4the show ^^
  15. OMG it's official now ( Heroes is coming to an end this month ( first is Invincible youth, and now Heroes ((((((
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