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  1. Is it just me or some voices, especially the high note, do not belong to T-ara? I'm not familiar with the voice doing the high note part at the end. But my best choice is Eunjung? Idk but it's still far from her voice. Ahhh I need some reassurance here lol. Nevertheless, so excited with this comeback! Hope Brave Brothers make this work.
  2. Aww! I'm so excited for the movie. I really missed her acting so much!
  3. I've seen the "Coming of Age Ceremony" concept and I think it's really sexy. Woohoo I'm so excited for our baby! My bias!
  4. OH. My. GOD. Philippines! And I'm so happy it's in June-July! I still have the time to save for the moneyyy. Lol Please let this be come true~ ^^
  5. I don't really know about the dating part but I remember when he went to their fansign event, he mentioned that he's a fan of T-ara and he really likes Jiyeon among the members. And when he got on the stage (during the fansign event), he and Eunjung looked really close, teasing each other. Imo, it would be cool if he's in a relationship with a member of T-ara because he's really supportive and all that.
  6. Merry Chirtmas!! ∩(︶▽︶)∩

  7. Aw, I remember their Bo Peep Bo Peep days because of their Santa outfits, ackkk nostalgic! I'm so excited for this. ^^
  8. I'm literally crying when I'm reading this article. I really love these girls so much, up until now they're still my bias girl group in whole kpop fandom. I never regret in becoming one of their supporters. Hwaiting!
  9. Wooow! Smoking hot hot hot! It's like the dark version of Roly-Poly! I'm so excited!
  10. Oh my freaking gosh! Our QUEENs are so gorgeous here! I cannot.....ack my feels! ;____; More please!
  11. Oh my gosh, new layout! Me loves! :D

  12. Ahhh. Oh my Jiyeon! I really love the haircut, it's one of my favorites now. I would really like to pull off that kind of hairstyle lol
  13. Wooow! These album covers are surely daebak! I really the theme, Pirates! I wish there would be more scans soon.
  14. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my heart! Did Jiyeon cut her hair short again? This is one of my dreams! I'm so happy I think my heart would burst. I really like to see Jiyeon with short hair again, she looks younger, or mature, idk but she looks fab.
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