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  1. can't tolerate how the netizens react about this. i mean it is totally unreasonable! i don't see anything wrong with appearing on the show. moreover it is before the incident happened. people just assume what they hear is the truth and hurt others
  2. totally agree. haters gonna hate. really sad about the current situation now. hope t-ara will stay strong
  3. yay! really looking forwardd to it!. but sad to hear that is it only a promotional track
  4. it is really sad the see such a powerful group disband. but still great to hear that hyomin will support them.
  5. seriously how woulf jiyeon be the one that brings t-ara down man! everyone one of them made what t-ara is today! without anyone, they wont be the t-ara we know today!
  6. they always have to deal with wardrobe malfunctions poor t-ara.
  7. hehe i wanna be your bf boram! anyway looking forward to their debut in japan! hope it is a great success!
  8. everything is so sensitive. i hope everything is fine now. it is hard to please everyone on a variety show i guess.
  9. Hi~! Thanks for passing by my profile ^^ Nice meeting you.

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