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  1. Really weird for an idol group not to live together but it saves cost for the boss anyway. Isn't Dani a little too young? Imo that is. I do hope they change leaders regularly to give each member a chance to display leadership quality.
  2. Omg Hyomin's body is really awesome, isn't it! Anyway, I think she's gonna be good at baseball after all, heh.
  3. Jiyeon has really got a small face ._. so jealous of her. Anyway, seeing Eunjung's collar bones! Kind of nice. Pretty cool of them to take such a close pic with the staffs
  4. Jiyeon's lipstick is an awesome choice! Her eyeshadow...but well, it's Jiyeon! It feels different, haha I thought Eunjung should be the disco diva after all
  5. Jiyeon's looking good, though she should be taking a rest! Mmm....she is really suitable for all kinds of hairstyle, doesn't she... I kind of really like the Eunjung & Soyeon's pic. Very adorable!
  6. Mmm Soyeon seemed all teary. And why was Jiyeon covering her nose(or whatever that action meant)? Lol, can't wait to watch!
  7. Eunjung&Boram look so cute together & of course Jiyeon, alone, hahaha.
  8. Hahaha should never ever pick a fight with t-ara girls, they can break a bone in your body in lightning speed haha! How can they be so adorable and so strong at the same time mmm
  9. All too gorgeous already! Jiyeon's legs is like wow :Q Everyone's looking good though
  10. Everybody is looking good in these pictures! God, Jiyeon is like a goddess with her silky hair now
  11. Jiyeon looked so mature in that dress! Eunjung look like an OL haha but in any way, gorgeous ladies. Mmmm, glad that Roly Poly has got them so much more attention!
  12. Cat dance? Hahaha this is way too unique and adorable. Lucky 300 fans then, but I bet some of them gonna sell it on ebay for heaven's price or something Can't wait for the scans!
  13. Seemed a little rush to me. I guess the company is trying to make the girls compete with the other girl groups. I hope it doesn't backfire by choosing a wrong song. Still....will look forward to the mini-album! I hope the girls won't be over-exhausted.
  14. Forward to Japan! I hope they really succeed like Kara in Japan, the girls are really working hard, aren't they. But rest is still needed for them...
  15. Poor babe. I hope she rests fine and hope the company really give her some rest that she deserve. Her eye bags can be so crazy nowadays gosh. Hope she recover soon and perform healthily!
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