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  1. Yes, I got the yayaya screensaver. It's really not as amazing as you might think though. But I can send you a link

  2. Yes. I got 2 T-ara Crown Tees in white, and 1 in grey. (http://twitpic.com/2napnz)

  3. Having to upload them a second time would just mean extra time spent on what is already a very time consuming task (screen-capping), since it takes me at least twice the time of the video to check for good frames to cap. What I could do is .rar up each set before I delete them from my computer.

  4. lol, no real need to thank me for my tumblr posts. I just do those for fun. But, its always nice to hear from people that enjoyed seeing them

  5. Yes, that is a photo of myself, and that is indeed the crown tee

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  8. wabbits are fast animals

  9. lol, you and your random comments XD

  10. Hello to you too, random person that commented on my profile. I wish I looked as cool as Kim Jong Kook = =

  11. It's not dkfksh anymore, its No Ara ^^

  12. lmao, omo, its Kim Eve~ ^^

  13. Wow, personal invitation from the top man himself. Would be awesome to join the S4 team. I will work hard for the forums :)

  14. I hadn't even realised you dropped me a "yo" comment XD I'll be working on getting all the Untouchable Jieun perfs, even if it means downloading 10 GB full shows just to cut out the perf XD

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