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  1. hey there! long time no see u...

  2. hey, nice siggy!

  3. http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12101&st=120&p=236060entry236060

    Chapter 20 is out! Hope you will enjoy it, and don't forget to vote!

    p.s: I probably won't be posting next week due to exams

  4. Hey! I just want to tell you that I've updated my fanfiction. thanks for your comments on my story. I hope you continue reading it. thank you very much

  5. Thank you for the add~ ^^ i'm sorry. i don't have any idea about it...

  6. yo! Any idea how the user rating actually works? :o

  7. dont be sorry, its not ur fault :)

  8. okay~ I'm sorry! cheer up soon!

  9. Jim i dont feel like playing around right now...... no offense and i dont mean to make you sad or anything, im just really upset right now

  10. I'm bored~ btw Jiyeon is mine ;p

  11. Need the next batch of Invincible Youth please ^^

  12. you're a lazy stalker lol.

  13. how do i do that? give you the link?

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