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  1. ( ॣ͈૦͈ ॣ)! So cool. This makes me want to buy that just dance for myself now. ^^
  2. wow, he must be really stupid to change the member line up at this point in time.. we'll see how it goes down in April
  3. i cant wait to hear apple is a and lies in Japanese. :3 regular version is my favorite cover
  4. Anyone translate this yet? ToT I want to know what she said.. and congrats Hyomin. n_n well deserved.
  5. ;_; so much to save up for! i think im getting both A and B, i just wished they had one w/ a dvd and photobook
  6. i wonder whats the limited edition gonna have the breaking heart limited edition was great so i might get this one if i have enough. ;_; saving for the japanese release too.. ahhhh
  7. wow and that is just a single, hehe. imagine when they put out a full album!!
  8. i really wanna purchase the album hehe. i wish there was a package that came with both the dvd and photo booklet though.
  9. wow!! i wish i can go!! i want to visit if i ever get to go to korea
  10. wow you're so lucky! that they wore your gifts and you got to see them live, haha. im very jealous!
  11. "I'm not exactly sure. Right now, T-ara comes before anything else." i aw'd. ^^
  12. yay~ i cant wait to see the pictures! is this like the waterpark eunjung and jangwoo went to? I really wanna go!!
  13. i think qri became darker? O_O she still looks very pretty though!!
  14. wow cool! i think makeup would suit them the most because they are all very pretty! can't wait to see some shots.
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