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  1. look so pretty still despite their hectic schedules. awesome set of pictures
  2. pretty much just for summer and then i take off time to study when school season comes haha

  3. ohh really? you're working already, is that for good or during your summer only?

  4. lol i know same here. im on summer break now but i still dont have that much time to go on cause i work now :(

  5. yeah! long time no chat.haha :D well, sorry for my late replies, don't go into forum sites that much anymore esp. for the past months coz i was really busy with my studies.xD :P

  6. heyy (: long time no chat

    ive been okay, just busy with school. wbu?

    what have you been up to?

  7. belated happy birthday :)

  8. heyyy! how are you?

  9. will be on a hiatus for a long period of time :*

  10. its actually nice and super unique she has her own way of dressing up.HAHAHA love her style!
  11. Happy Birthday~! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

  12. wow =) that's totally nice to know! anyways..the girls deserve it..haha! well..good luck to them o_O
  13. hello =) nice meeting you :D thanks for the add!

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