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  1. I haven't logged here in a while~

    Thank you for your greeting!

    I'll greet you Happy Birthday right now just in case I miss your birthday!

  2. Chaos! Is what this would have been, had Hyomin been the same Hyomin on Invincible Youth... But now! I'm sure she'll do great!
  3. No problem!!! ;)

    15~ woah, good times~

    If you like Run Devil Run too, then have you tried listening to Wake Up? ;;)

    Are you sure you're just using a translator? Cause the Englist's pretty good! :)

  4. Since they're idols too like Eunjung, it must really have hit them to make them so scared. Woah~ Hwaitaeng Eunjung and T-ARA!!!
  5. If you're a high school student then you're about 16 years old? :)

    Brazilians are rare as kPop lovers, I guess! X]

    Did you meet SoShi through the internet? And what's your favorite song sung by SoShi? ;;)

  6. 1st year HS? Those were the days~

    I think it's a stretch to say that most of the members here are from the Philippines XD

    Did T-ara bring you to kPop?

  7. Awesome! You're from Brazil?

    So kPop even reaches Brazil? Awesome!

    I study in the Philippines, and I'm on my 3rd year in college, you? (;n____n)

  8. Wow, cool!

    I know a few Spanish words myself.

    Words like...

    bintelador, bintana :)


    Donde estudias? :D

  9. Leaving with Dream Girls 5, Hello Baby 3, Mnet Scandal 23, Dream Girls 6, Mnet Scandal 24, Dream Girls 6, OMS 8(?), Hello Baby 5, Freestyle, Dream Girls 7, Mnet WIDE Gnomeo and Juliet, Spris Section with Eunjung and Soohyun, WGM 2, Mnet Idol Chat Hyomin, WGM 3, Hello Baby 8 and WGM E 4.

  10. To quit or not to quit?

  11. Hello~! What do you mean the translator is bad? ^_^?

  12. yes~ bakit mo natanong? XD

  13. and sorry for the late reply (; >___<)

  14. no, there is no difference between the two~

    sorry for confusing you~

  15. If you've watched Soyeon's humor and SoShi's humor attack in variety shows, you'll see that Soyeon belongs to So Nyeo Shi Dae. But of course, Soyeon also belongs to T-ARA and being under CCM, she's given more opportunities as compared to (at least, I think so) if she would have been in SM. With Soyeon's talent you just know how and why she got her second chance. Though it must have hurt her in some way when hoobae trainies debuted earlier than her. Soyeon hwaiting! T-ARA hwaiting!
  16. Officially changing biases... From Hyomin to Soyeon~

  17. Well then, nice to meet you. ^_^

  18. Buti naman.. Haha

    Sino to? XD

  19. Heroes and Invincible Youth has the same concept. And now it looks like Heroes will end just like IY. Say it isn't so. {;[
  20. I can't believe this is candid. Pretty pretty forever maknae Jiyeon~
  21. I like your username. :D

  22. What is wrong with those netizens' comments?! XD Do they not see the beauty that is Eunjung just because she took a picture of when she just woke up? (; o___O)
  23. Some of those brand named items must have come from diadem Gaaagh~ As expected of our Soyeon~!
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