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    4Minute, T-Ara, AKB48, SDN48, JKT48, Secret, Kara, Dal Shabet, RBD and Morning Musume sz
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  1. Anata wa kyo de Tomomi oshi, hora Chiimu B, Chiyuu Chiyuu Chiyuu

  2. cara de xereca kkkkkkkk'

  3. Oh, that's over the period to send the messages?

    I wanted to join .-. So next time I try.

    Thank you for your patience and for helping me.

  4. We sent a message last week about changing the deadlines... From September 15th, we made it September 10th.

  5. Traduzir do: português

    Digite um texto ou endereço de um site ou traduza um documento.


    Tradução do português para inglês

    Hello, I'm sorry but I understand what you said. I do not know English, I am Brazilian kk '

    Could you explain again? My translator translating're wrong, sorry.

  6. Hello, we sent out mass-PMs, tweets, and updated the thread in big, red, bold letters that there were changes to the deadlines. Please refer to them, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. Hello, the topic of the project's Birthday SoYeon finished?

    It was not until September 15th? where I live is still September 11, I wanted to participate ;-;

  8. Nearly a month later ...

    Thank you for the congratulations on my birthday ^ ^

  9. Copacabana? how so? Copacabana is a place I know here in Brazil, or what? the Boram is so cute, SoYeon, kyur HwaYoung and killed me with so much prettiness D;
  10. hey there^^im so sorry that i cant speak spanish,so i can't trans my fanfic for you but thanks again for dropping by^^and

    Tease me,baby chap3 is up^^(thanks)


  11. hi have a nice day!!..^^

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