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  1. the long awaited break.. >.< although we'll miss them.. at least we will have dream high to look forward.. but after that.. i dont know hahaha
  2. Oh the awesomeness of this. I just cant.... Im surprised its in English. They are really marketing kpop around the world. And nice new version of dream high. Makes me more excited
  3. GET WELL SOON JIYEON!!!!! "They only were able to receive 2-3 hours of sleep over three days; there is no time for them to relax. In addition, Jiyeon had to be at the KBS 2TV "Dream High 2" shooting schedule." I feel like cursing Dream High... first it got Eunjung injured.. now it's cramming Jiyeon's already full schedule with t-ara... fatigue.. and letting her continue.. I should stop before I start cursing at all.... obviously, im really upset over this news
  4. They look tired :/ no rest till next next month. Jizzzz jiyeon still got dream high
  5. T__T where are you eunjung. By next year we'll be missing Jiyeon too. I hope eunjung's health is still okay though, with all that sched
  6. Dude, we've been waiting for this since forever. >_> i even got my classmates get hooked in t-ara. They always asked me when is it coming out. And here i am. Going to bring the bad news to them on Christmas eve.
  7. Oh my she is so pretty. What else to expect from a model, singer, actress
  8. HOLY. is this???? from one of our malls o.o.. in the philippines.. I want to seeeeeeeeeeeee...
  9. awesome. I havent been able to see live perfs in the past weeks.. Thank you for sharing. baby cant you see the look in my eyes,,,
  10. when is this concert???? wah .. Japan Korean then Japan then Korea then Japan... now where is this concert going to be held?
  11. they truly are precious jewels jahahah congratulations! i hope they'll win more awards in the future ,, whatever they deserve
  12. Finally, Soyeon, the leader we are waiting for.. all the other unnies did a great job but this time it feels different because of the fact that we know Soyeon is the talker , and very straight forward. She brings in fresh ideas and is not afraid to share it. I wish this could be used in the future,. and bring out t-ara's potential... Im kind of waiting for the maknaes to become the leaders too. It would be interesting as to how will they manage the group. But as a family, I'm pretty sure each member will help out to who ever is the current leader in the group.
  13. i need jiyeon here. she better get a big part in dh2 ... i kind of dont like what they with eunjung character... our baby dino is so full of aegyos..dont let her go jungle fish here and be all dark.. hehe
  14. wah... like what my friend said, ccm can't let t-ara go with just one music video for a song. hahahaha. They are spoiling fans by doing this but at the same time, aren't the girls going to be overworked through the process of making the videos. They have a lot of other things to do. With two members getting involved in dramas and the whole group attending cf shoots and varieties.. o.o it's Christmas time again and yet it's the busiest season for all the other idols out there.. they need to check their healths first ah
  15. Omg yes ive been waiting for her comeback on the small screen and also on the big screen.,, i just want to spoil my self and see jiyeon. That being said i dont want her to over work herself either,,,, :-) take care lil princess,
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