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  1. so... if Hwayoung haven't perform, who have done her parts in Day By Day, TTL, Lovey Dovey.... Areum?
  2. Hwayoung's rap is AWESOME! The song sounds better than the leaked version of Jonte
  3. I know the answer the problem is that I don't know how write it....
  4. what is the password of the rar with T-ara's Jewelry Box HQ captures?
  5. somebody knows if tomorrow, 31st, will be revealed the 8th member of T-ara how CCM previously announced? I think that not because the news say "T-ara's 8th member will be revealed at a later date"
  6. the tittle of the post have a mistake: white roses = wildroses ^^!
  7. jaster

    [PIC] T-ara

    I can't understand how KKS can do it that to T-ara, 14 years old? she is a baby. When I see the news I was convinced that anybody rumored this, but I see that not... I wait that she won't be in T-ara, how CCM says: "We have decided on the two new members, but it's not a confirmation yet. Depending on how things out, a different member than what is planned now may join." Please, change her. If KKS says that, it is because he knows that the fans wouldn't accept her. A girl of 14 years old could help Soyeon with the main voalist parts? ¬¬ It is a joke right?
  8. hi, this is my color coded lyrics of Round & Round, i'm not sure that this is like this, so anybody could help me? thanks ^^ http://tiarago.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/round-round/ I have seen the performance but Hyomin couldn't asist but I listen her voice
  9. Soyeon names Qri as leader in this magazine This meaning that Qri will be the sixth leader of T-ara?
  10. this is really false, Milk Milk Lemonade is a song of Katy Perry, everybody can filtrate a rumour like this ¬¬ T-ara tracklist of Temptastic was: 1. Intro - The New T-ARA! 2. Hey Yep! Hey Yap! 3. 딱하루만?! (Only Today?!) 4. Stage Q(Feat.옥주현) 5. Danger Parry(Feat.다비치) 6. 딱하루만?!(Only Today?!)(Inst.) 7. Bopeep Bopeep(Klubtoniq MIX) 8. 너 때문에 미쳐(Klubtoniq MIX) by: http://jomikpopfansub.blogspot.com/2010/10/t-ara-posible-tracklist-de-nuevo.html
  11. someone knows if the full MV will be out before the single album?
  12. the second photo of the right, betweens jiyeon and yayaya, wtf? LIES? JP?
  13. i think that in this month in japan, they will prepare their first full japanese album ^^
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